Traducción de outguess en Español:


anticiparse a, v.

Pronunciación /aʊtˈɡɛs//ˌaʊtˈɡɛs/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    anticiparse a
    adelantarse a
    • He must've known this girl's style, because he outguessed her on every point.
    • Union representatives claim to have outguessed their employers in predicting future consumer wants, but what basis is there for this?
    • Therefore the game revolves around trying to outguess your opponents as to where they're going.
    • But a randomized version of the procedure can't be outguessed so easily; the adversary can't know where to hide the target because the program doesn't decide where to search until it begins reading random bits.
    • But we see people thinking they can outguess the market all the time.
    • Some batters take a see-ball-hit-ball approach to their job, but many others try to outguess pitchers and anticipate what's coming.
    • By any name, it is a psychological game of outguessing and outbluffing your opponents, and includes a number of interesting mechanics.
    • When I am double-crossed and outwitted by another competent player, I am somewhat peeved, probably dismayed at the appearance of my crumbling position on the board, and if anything mad at myself for not outguessing my opponent.
    • But scientists do not play only at outguessing one another.
    • Trying to outguess the market doesn't pay off over the long term.
    • But we're keeping it quiet now because we don't want our competition to outguess us.
    • But she is smart, often outthinking or outguessing everyone, and occasionally aided by a bit of blind chance.
    • You have to react to the opponent's move, try to outguess his next move, and surprise him with a cunning countering action.
    • It outguessed my every manoeuvre on the sandy bottom, and I ended the dive knackered, without one image of its huge iridescent blue pectoral fins splayed like a splendid fan to show for my efforts.
    • Performance-enhancing drugs would increase his bat speed, but they wouldn't account for his superior hand-eye coordination or the sheer baseball intellect he displays in consistently outguessing pitchers.
    • He outguesses hitters, who sit on his curveball on two-strike counts - he is just as apt to throw a two-seamer or high four-seamer as a curve.
    • This helps explain why specialists fail to outguess non-specialists.
    • He had outguessed the empath, had regained control of the confrontation.
    • She discovered a moment too late that the alien had outguessed her again, looping around the other way and leaving her badly out of position.
    • There is something terminally appealing in trying to outguess the trapped company in a most unpleasant predicament, where suspicions are dropped only as each falls victims to an elaborate and poignant murder plot.