Traducción de outplay en Español:


jugar mejor que, v.

Pronunciación /ˌaʊtˈpleɪ//aʊtˈpleɪ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    jugar mejor que
    • They totally outplayed their illustrious opponents and were easy and deserving winners.
    • He said that I was one of the most skilful scrum-halves but I would get outplayed by my opposite number who had less ability.
    • He didn't try to out-think or outsmart the opposition, he simply outplayed them.
    • They were totally outplayed and were very fortunate not to concede further goals.
    • They were better at everything they did and we were totally outplayed in the second half.
    • We should not forget then that sport can still provide us with the joy of the underdog outplaying the favourite and of great examples of courage, talent and maturity in defiance of everybody's expectations.
    • If we had lost to a team who had outplayed us and had scored three or four goals then you would say to yourself that you weren't good enough.
    • Despite being totally outplayed, they could have scored twice in the last five minutes.
    • He's been beaten, as has everyone, but rarely has he been outplayed.
    • According to the balance sheets, they should have outclassed, outpassed and outplayed them.
    • I'll acknowledge good play from the other team, accepting the fact that I can be outplayed.
    • He's simply outplaying everyone else in the world.
    • Even at this early age he was outplaying many of the older boys and excelling against many boys who were twice his age and height.
    • Secretly, he'd toy with the idea of outplaying his brother, wiping the court with him, so to speak.
    • When they started fighting in the second half, we outplayed them.
    • The red and black were deserving winners, outplaying their opponents with a brand of quick passing football which was loudly applauded by all who attended the final.
    • On a pitch more suitable for the English seam bowlers, the Indian team totally outplayed their opponents.
    • They were lucky to get away with 2-1 because we totally outplayed them in front of their big crowd.
    • They were outplayed in all lines on the park and had no answer to the superior strength and scoring power of their opponents.
    • The Lions were totally outplayed and only offered a token resistance.