Traducción de outright en Español:


rotundo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈaʊtrʌɪt//ˈaʊtraɪt/


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    (complete, total)
    (refusal/opposition) rotundo
    (opposition/refusal) total
    (refusal/opposition) categórico
    (hostility) declarado
    (hostility) abierto
    (contempt) total
    (contempt) absoluto
    (majority) claro
    (winner) indiscutido
    (lie) descarado
    he told an outright lie mintió descaradamente
    • I could see she was having a hard time deciding whether to completely accuse me of outright lying or question me further.
    • But even though he said the Tories had their best chance for 24 years to regain control, he stopped short of forecasting outright victory for his party.
    • Another round of voting will be carried out in the summer, with points totals added together to produce outright winners for the year.
    • These ranged from open derision to outright firings, and even attempts to rescind earned degrees.
    • As such it is an outright rejection of many religious traditions' ultimate aims.
    • That was a downright and outright lie, but did I care?
    • Companies that fail to adapt to economic conditions by carrying an oversized and expensive staff may be courting the ultimate job-killer: outright failure.
    • They were outright winners of the prizes for best business development; personal development of company directors; and most enterprising company.
    • His art continues to inspire responses ranging from unequivocal praise to outright condemnation.
    • Both teams have impressed at championship level in recent years and to be fair, both deserve the ultimate accolade of outright champions.
    • It was obvious that outright refusal would have been an insult.
    • As a country moves, one hopes, from outright dictatorship to full liberal democracy, the rules change.
    • It cannot be outright optimism or downright pessimism.
    • The book is a policy wonk's dream, and there's enough here to make you pull out your hair over the amount of graft and outright cheating going on in the open.
    • I, and many others, must say that enough is enough, and nothing short of a total outright ban would be acceptable
    • It is a sign of the times for the struggling County Champions that their sole ambition over four days against Somerset was to emerge with a draw rather than a defeat but nothing short of outright victory was what was really required.
    • But nothing less than outright victory satisfies me and I'm determined to put things right with my next effort.
    • They're too simple to discern outright lies and campaign propaganda from real policies.
    • Having come so close to success in 2003, there is only one achievement that will satisfy in 2004 - outright victory in the Formula One World Championship.
    • The attitude toward the poor is at best one of official indifference, and at worst outright criminalization.
    • And all are either outright myths or severe distortions of truth.
    • He said they had ‘an outright positive impact’ on the municipal district.
    • Six towns, which achieved litter-free status, competed for the outright prize.
    • A simple majority was needed for outright victory.
    • Her conversation betrays disappointment, anger, and an outright refusal to be labeled a victim.
    • Over the next couple of weeks, her daughter's lack of interest in nursing turned into outright refusal.
    • Yet zoologists have consistently reacted to these phenomena with a mixture of incredulity, confusion, and even outright hostility.
    • But the punishing rocks made strength and reliability as important as outright speed.
    • At the time of writing, an outright victory for the 1960s - while still possible - is the least likely outcome.
    • Thus, tarnished beauty tends to be more effective than outright perfection.
    • The majority of outright winners were from the junior category.
    • The reason for such caution by trade unions is obvious - a strike once embarked upon is hard to stop, short of an outright victory or a total defeat.
    • In both, however, the issue was the postponement of operations, not an outright refusal to carry them out.
    • Usually this is expressed with bitterness if not outright hostility.
    • These views can be hard to tell apart: the distinction between radical transformation and outright abolition is not clear-cut.
    • And the daring of outright substitution ups the complexity quotient.
    • At best they were footnotes on the contrary theme, at worst outright obfuscation.
    • The truth is, disappointments and outright failure mark the real world of publicly financed convention centers, stadiums, and hotels.
    • But the USA took outright victory because of a higher number of second places, 14-6.
    • Between outright war and total appeasement there are various degrees of pressure that can be applied.
    • A matrix can be created that describes traditional group relations, ranging from full cooperation to outright conflict.
    • He withdrew his amendment and said it wasn't needed after all, leaving the door open to the outright ban duly backed by an overwhelming majority of MPs.
    • Still, it's depressing to think that outright brutality is now the test.
    • He came 20th, causing him great disappointment as his objective was no less than outright victory.
    • In most states, a pet cannot receive an outright bequest because animals traditionally have been viewed as property under the law.
    • Then the regional financial crisis hit and suddenly the air was full of accusations of bureaucratic ineptitude, corruption and outright dereliction of duty.
    • Clearly once risk is traded in this way there is significant scope for miscalculation and even outright fraud.
    • But the overwhelming response from city landlords has been an outright rejection of the request.
    • Sometimes writers oversimplify in one story and the simplification gets picked up as outright universal fact.
    • The paying passengers were treated with total disregard and sometimes even outright abuse.
    • The most recent success - not yet an outright victory - has been the government climbdown on pensions for public sector workers.
    • However, any outright refusal of Western aesthetics must be qualified.
    • One outright complaint: it's not loud enough.
    • Although few expect an outright crash, even property professionals who ritually talk up the market are pessimistic.
    • More radical action - warning labels on food or even outright bans - would probably be counterproductive.
    • An outright refusal would, of course, have ignited claims of prejudice and condemnation by the the liberal press, ever on the lookout for a stick to beat established institutions.
    • The simplest way to bet on the final is to pick the outright winners.
    • But outright refusal often gets people labelled as freaks or loonies, and correspondingly discredits the challenges they deliver in the eyes of those they address them to.
    • On completion an outright winner emerged with three teams sharing second place.
    • He would leave it open and hit weak fades or outright slices.
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    (ownership) absoluto


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    (refuse/reject) rotundamente
    (refuse/reject) categóricamente
    (refuse/reject) terminantemente
    (ban) totalmente
    (win) indiscutiblemente
    • He said that the report commissioned by the Government had not found any justification to ban the sport outright and that a joint committee had recently indicated such a ban would be in contravention of human rights laws.
    • Riots and protests broke out at some northern screenings of the film, and eventually the movie was banned outright in several cities, and various scenes were censored.
    • MPs will today debate whether the bloodsport should continue freely, be regulated or, as they overwhelmingly backed last time, banned outright.
    • They would prefer that cats be banned outright rather than allowing the furry hunters anywhere near land that supports endangered ground-dwelling birds.
    • Andy looked at her trying to keep a straight face but failed horridly as he laughed outright at her.
    • Kids, always instinctively trolling for things that will drive their parents nuts, made it a best seller, at least in places where it wasn't outright banned.
    • I expect hookahs to be banned outright before long in California; the possibility of holes being poked in the smoke-allergy argument is too dangerous.
    • You explained truthfully and outright what you wanted between us last night and it makes sense.
    • Even though no-one ever told me outright, I knew straight away that he had an eating disorder when we met.
    • It was unanimously agreed that the Minister's proposal be rejected outright in its entirety.
    • He started out as the most underground of agitators, his films either banned outright or left to play in church basements.
    • Look, we certainly have some serious concerns about banning it outright.
    • Some people say you could never ban firework sales outright because then they would go underground and you would have a black market.
    • She should have told you outright that she couldn't be your ballet partner in the talent show because she had already signed up to do a solo.
    • Again… at least this guy was honest enough to propose this insane idea outright.
    • Indeed, according to some, the law should ban the option outright.
    • The same composer also had a work banned outright.
    • From 1942 and for the remainder of WWII, Carnival was banned outright.
    • Dum-dum bullets, chemical and biological weapons are banned outright on the basis that the military benefits of their use can never be proportionate to the suffering caused.
    • No one simply assumes they will be my ride to the airport for a 7 a.m. flight, and usually no one offers outright.
    • While our neighbours to the south have banned it outright, we remain cautious if slightly confused.
    • Rather than limiting the hours in which mechanical or instrumental noises for purposes of advertising on the street were allowable, the new rules banned them outright.
    • When the new guidelines are released later this summer, neither he nor anyone else expects the government to ban landfill developments outright.
    • I don't think fireworks should be banned outright - done correctly they can make for a fantastic piece of entertainment as the nights draw in at the start of November.
    • But he refused to answer directly, which suggests that his refusal to say outright that they were sitting on chairs must mean that they were on the bed.
    • A 1982 law bans outright any new building work within 100m of the coastline.
    • Nevada can legalize most gambling, and other states can ban it outright.
    • But many were alarmingly sincere and outright delusional that their opportunity had come knocking.
    • For example, he declared outright that artistic directors have to back winners at the expense of exciting creativity.
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    (directly, frankly)
    (ask/say) abiertamente
    (ask/say) directamente
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    (in ownership)
    she owns the house outright (sin gravámenes) la casa es suya
    • they offered to buy the play outright le propusieron comprarle todos los derechos de la obra
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    (kill) en el acto
    • Eleven people were killed outright, including a family of four.
    • A shotgun, unless used at very close range, is only likely to damage a fox rather than kill it outright.
    • Apart from killing animals outright, it's a terrific transport system for tiny feral life forms such as barnacles, worms and polyps, which are invading new habitats.
    • They impale the chickens and leave big holes in the cages, allowing more chickens to fall out on the road to be hit by vehicles, if they are not killed outright by the fall itself.
    • The church's governing body didn't outright refuse her candidacy, but they decided to ask the larger church congregation for approval.
    • Ambulance chiefs said the motorcyclist was killed outright.
    • I know there were a few times that the first one didn't kill it outright.
    • We had 24 people that were killed outright on the bus, of the 40 patients that were on there.
    • As driver of the car, he was one of five that were killed outright.
    • He added that because the pellets were small, animals were not often killed outright, suffering for longer as they died from their injuries.
    • If it won't kill you outright, you can eat it.
    • Millions of pheasants are bred each year specifically for killing, and thousands of them are wounded rather than killed outright.
    • Six of the drivers were killed outright and nearly twice as many gravely injured.
    • There was a danger that the animals would not be killed outright, he said, with potential danger to the public.
    • However, he added that many foxes were being injured rather than being shot dead because it was often difficult to kill them outright with a gun.
    • Nine horse were killed outright and are now being slaughtered for their meat, and another twenty-eight are sorely injured, and will soon have to be butchered.
    • Most of his shots struck the cavalry mounts in the chest or throat, killing several of them outright.
    • Most habitat and wildlife will be killed outright and retained pockets will be so small, scattered and pressurised by the surrounding development, that wildlife value will quickly deteriorate.
    • Did they offer you the part outright, or was there an audition?
    • Two fell dangerously wounded, and a third was killed outright.