Traducción de outward en Español:


exterior, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈaʊtwərd//ˈaʊtwəd/


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    (appearance) exterior
    (sign) externo
    his outward cheerfulness su aparente buen humor
    • However, despite all outward appearances of accepting the need for change, the woman's anger is such that she has yet to abide by any of the agreements.
    • And it seems that when you outlaw the outward appearance of poverty, the poverty you find when you scratch the surface is much more squalid.
    • They, from all outward appearances, are great girls.
    • However, this outward display of unity masked divisions between unions that became apparent during the consultation period.
    • All outward appearance of friendliness dropped from Kreed.
    • In the Japanese language there are two paired words - hone and tatemae - the former describes the outward appearance of things and the latter the actual nature of things.
    • If the last twenty-five years had taught him anything it was that outward appearances were wholly untrustworthy.
    • Though just an anatomical study, it already foreshadowed the sculptor's later efforts to reveal the essence rather than merely copy outward appearances.
    • I was a first year medical student when I first realized that outward appearances occasionally belie the truth.
    • It may be theologically sound, but I am uncomfortable with the emphasis on outward form rather than true inner spiritual acceptance of the message.
    • Despite their outward appearance the class had a deep respect for Mr. Maker, and none of them were sure why.
    • There has been a lot said lately about a person's outward appearance being a true reflection of the inner being.
    • By all outward appearances, things looked dead.
    • Spiritual advance came from the cultivation of appropriate attitudes rather than outward behaviour.
    • It is the nature of man to look on the outward, but outward appearances can be deceiving.
    • Both see the lasting truth beneath the surface of mere outward appearance.
    • And we're guilty of looking on people's outward appearances but it's what's inside here that counts.
    • I won't say absolutely so because, despite all outward appearances, we humans share a common nature.
    • Yet the banana seems unmoved by that outward display of vanity.
    • Rather, it has the outward appearance of a temple, but inside, it is a high-tech lab of unknown origin.
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    (flight/journey) de ida
    • The Great Depression temporarily slowed the outward migration, but it didn't change the yearnings of Americans.
    • You can return with consecutive flights and regain the day lost on the outward journey.
    • Take one aspirin on the outward bound journey and two within 36 hours of return.
    • That is, the freight of a ship for a single outward voyage from Britain was computed by the Navy Board according to the amount of cargo, usually expressed in tons, actually loaded on a vessel.
    • An inward journey might be as effective and interesting as an outward journey.
    • In either case, there was no outward current through the channels during the depolarization.


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    hacia afuera
    hacia el exterior
    [ S ]goods outward salida de mercancías