Traducción de overabundant en Español:


superabundante, adj.

Pronunciación /əʊv(ə)rəˈbʌnd(ə)nt//ˌoʊv(ə)rəˈbəndənt/


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    • Will arrangements be put in place to collect the over-abundant rubbish during the Christmas festivities?
    • Factors like human ignition and over-abundant fuel supply resulting from years of fire suppression come into question - and even global warming on a broader scale.
    • The image is sharper than the theatrical cut, but suffers from over-abundant haloing as a result.
    • But we will be the first to admit that things are going to look seductively encouraging as long as liquidity remains so cheap and over-abundant.
    • A significant number of works in the exhibition are video pieces, and several of these focus on the supposedly over-abundant wealth and consumerism in the US.
    • The over-abundant cheerfulness seemed to have stemmed from that time.