Traducción de overbuy en Español:


Pronunciación /əʊvəˈbʌɪ//ˌoʊvərˈbaɪ/

verbo transitivooverbought

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    comprar más de lo necesario
    • The bond markets are oversold and equities are still overbought, despite the consolidation we've had.
    • The index is already fragile with profit-taking, as several blue chips have already been overbought.
    • At the same time, it reassures the customer that he is not overbuying, and allows him to quickly and easily evaluate how the product will solve his newly-identified storage problems.
    • During a bear alert the market is overbought and due for a sell-off.
    • Markets rarely become as oversold as they are overbought, even commodity markets.
    • But a consultant may learn you've overbought certain categories of inventory that aren't moving well.
    • The sad thing is, the compulsion to overbuy doesn't end with food.
    • If you have overbought on lemons this Christmas, don't leave them to go mouldy in the fruit bowl.
    • The slump is attributed to a number of factors: sluggish economy, drop in crime, lack of an anti-gun crisis, overbuying in recent years, and customer dislike of red tape.
    • I hate supermarket shopping because I so enjoy it, and overbuy!
    • The odds of that happening are good especially since the stock is so overbought.
    • When the issue becomes overbought, the oscillator will reverse its direction.
    • Be careful not to overbuy or underbuy your software.
    • What the brokers want is for shares to reflect their value, and if they become a little bit overbought, then that's no bad thing.