Traducción de overcome en Español:


reducir, v.

Pronunciación /əʊvəˈkʌm//ˌoʊvərˈkəm/

verbo transitivoovercame

  • 1

    (opponent) reducir
    (opponent) vencer
    • No little effort was required to overcome stubborn opponents who showed why they have been rejuvenated of late.
    • The last four years of his life were a constant struggle to overcome rivals.
    • The first men to arrive at the top easily overcame the guard.
    • Each side stakes men's lives and ammunition in an attempt to overcome the other side.
    • Tai Chi uses the power of relaxation, rather than force, to overcome an opponent.
    • First, both leaders overcame their opponents by a small margin and assumed presidency at a relatively young age.
    • However, the suspect overcame the guard and fled the scene on a scooter.
    • Corretja, seeded eighth, has yet to drop a set at one of his favourite tournaments but had to wait for six hours before finally overcoming his opponent.
  • 2

    apoderarse de
    a strange feeling overcame her una extraña sensación la invadió / se apoderó de ella
    • to be overcome by sth
    • he was overcome by sleep/fatigue lo venció el sueño/la fatiga
    • she was overcome by laughter no pudo contener la risa
    • they were overcome by emotion los embargó la emoción
    • to be overcome with sth sentirse abrumado por algo
    • you've all been so kind to me: I'm quite overcome todos han sido tan buenos conmigo, realmente no sé qué decir
    • Closing his eyes, an overwhelming, nauseating, sick and dizzying feeling overcame him.
    • Mixed feelings overcame the young man and he searched for a reason why his biological mother would give him up.
    • She couldn't control herself and soon she was overcome by her grief.
    • She felt a strange, warm feeling overcome her, and she wondered what had caused it.
    • She was overcome with the feeling that she had to do something and she wasn't doing it.
    • The feeling of excitement overcame the nausea, and I was able to walk again.
    • As they let themselves in, a feeling of pride overcame them.
    • That is why despair overcomes any other emotion.
    • But on those first days and nights, I was overcome with murderous rage.
    • You've been doing this far too long to suddenly be overcome by guilty feelings.
    • A feeling to look at my side overcame me strongly.
    • Suddenly I was overcome with a desire to ride as fast as possible.
    • He tried walked down the street but he was suddenly overcome by feelings of aloneness.
    • Reason is easily overcome by emotion, but emotion can be apathetic or energetic.
    • She closed her eyes, finding that her exhaustion easily overcame her fear.
    • So overcome with emotion was he that he even embraced a prison guard as he was given back his personal possessions.
    • But in the end she is overcome with guilt that manifests itself in crazed hallucinations.
    • It is perfectly acceptable for a real man to cry when he is overcome with emotion.
    • A feeling of depression overcame Gaia and her facial expression moved to a frown.
    • She was overcome with emotions as she gazed at the purest sunset she had ever laid eyes on.
  • 3

    (prevail over)
    (fear) superar
    (fear) dominar
    (fear) vencer
    (inhibitions) vencer
    she overcame the temptation no sucumbió a la tentación

verbo intransitivoovercame

  • 1

    we shall overcome venceremos