Traducción de overdraft en Español:


descubierto, n.

Pronunciación /ˈoʊvərˌdræft//ˈəʊvədrɑːft/


  • 1

    descubierto masculino
    sobregiro masculino
    to have an overdraft of $200 / a $200 overdraft estar sobregirado en 200 dólares
    • to grant sb overdraft facilities autorizarle un descubierto a algn
    • Do not include the payments you are supposed to make on any unsecured credit such as personal loans, overdrafts and credit cards at this stage.
    • Experience shows that it is important to include all bank loans, overdrafts and credit cards into any reduced payment scheme.
    • Historically, granting bank officials overdrafts was viewed as promoting poor financial habits and setting a bad example to customers.
    • Credit cards, overdrafts and personal loans are unspeakably expensive!
    • Can I link a savings account to a checking account to cover overdrafts and, if so, what is the monthly charge?
    • So you need to clear away overdrafts, credit card balances and any personal loans.
    • Interest rates on credit cards, overdrafts and personal loans are usually multiples of what you receive for savings on deposit.
    • If you get an overdraft from a bank, terms and conditions, as they say, apply.
    • What's more, as well as interest on approved overdrafts, banks usually levy ongoing arrangement and review fees for larger overdraft limits.
    • Such products include personal loans, credit cards and overdrafts.
    • We'd all be miles better off if we could steer clear of expensive debts, such as overdrafts, credit cards, store credit, personal loans and so on.
    • It's possible to save a tidy fortune by switching loans, overdrafts, credit and store card balances to 0% cards.
    • Credit cards, store credit, overdrafts - even personal loans - are all expensive ways to borrow.
    • Apparently, all of them are now steadily nibbling away at their overdrafts and credit card debts and supporting each other while doing it.
    • Crucially, you will both be individually and jointly responsible for any overdrafts or debt on the joint account.
    • If you have debts, whether they are bank overdrafts, personal loans or unpaid credit card bills then start by itemising all those outstanding loans.
    • Presumably, those unable to survive would need to take out a loan or use credit cards and overdrafts to pay living expenses until they could get back on their feet.
    • If you count your overdraft, credit card or loan as disposable income, you're wrong.
    • Some issuers even allow you to transfer other expensive debts, such as overdrafts and loans, to a zero-interest deal.
    • But even so, much of a student's debt comes from bank overdrafts and credit cards and who could resist an easy-peasy way of getting shot of those?