Traducción de overdue en Español:


Pronunciación /əʊvəˈdjuː//ˌoʊvərˈd(j)u/


  • 1

    the book is a month overdue el plazo de devolución del libro venció hace un mes
    • payment is now overdue el plazo ha vencido y se requiere pago inmediato
    • such measures are long overdue tales medidas deberían haberse adoptado mucho antes
    • the flight is six hours overdue el vuelo debería haber llegado hace seis horas / lleva seis horas de retraso
    • she's a week overdue debería haber dado a luz hace una semana
    • to be overdue for sth
    • you're overdue for promotion hace tiempo que te deberían haber ascendido
    • This is a reform that is well overdue.
    • The Legislature has been considering an overdue pay raise for judges all year.
    • The time is overdue for public outrage at the crimes being committed in the name of criminal justice.
    • That mediocre, built-on-the-cheap excuse for a bypass is overdue for an upgrade.
    • It had been almost 10 years, so Barry was overdue for a visit.
    • Restructuring or increased regulation of the industry might be overdue.
    • Many critics are saying troop withdrawal is already overdue.
    • Okay, that wage increase for home health workers was overdue.
    • These studies are overdue and of importance to our discipline if we are to be able to understand the significance and the role such awards play in our cultural development.
    • "Creating a network specifically for the LGBT community is something we've wanted to do for a long, long time, and it's an idea we feel is overdue," says the network's chairman.
    • Baillie's recent return to the form he showed in his youth is overdue.
    • Back over a more suitable distance tomorrow, he can gain an overdue success in the hands of Tom Greenall.
    • Change is overdue to the framework within which the international community approaches Burma.
    • Despite the financial uncertainty at the club, a contract offer seems overdue.
    • The three rest camps in Etosha are overdue for basic maintenance.
    • The nuclear family paradigm is well overdue for an overhaul.