Traducción de overextend en Español:


contraer demasiadas obligaciones financieras, v.

Pronunciación /ˌoʊvərɪkˈstɛnd//əʊv(ə)rɛkˈstɛnd//əʊv(ə)rɪkˈstɛnd/

verbo reflexivo

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    contraer demasiadas obligaciones financieras
    • These federal guarantees encourage people to overextend by making borrowing cheaper than it otherwise would be.
    • If your staff is overworked or overextended, it will inevitably show in their attitudes toward customers.
    • Without such help his situation proved impossible, for he was greatly overextended.
    • Even less realistic is the expectation that an already overextended government could do it even if it wanted to.
    • It is a twentieth-century classic, and besides, by the 1970s she was too overextended to complete such an assignment.
    • The vast majority of sports injuries and accidents happen because people overextend themselves.
    • Problems arise because drug names sound alike, prescriptions are illegible and pharmacists are overextended.
    • I wonder what church would look like in our local communities if church was a place where an overextended and tired people could find rest and refueling.
    • Some people who want to help but overextend themselves might not get in trouble if there were financial assistance to properly care for and house these abandoned animals.
    • It in no way relieves the strain on our overextended military personnel.
    • Choose a vehicle that won't overextend you financially.
    • But it is also possible that a major economic adjustment in the US is triggered simply by the sheer financial exhaustion of America's overextended consumers.
    • We overextended our defense a little bit but I think our athleticism paid off.