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Pronunciación /əʊvəˈhɛd//ˌoʊvərˈhɛd/


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    the lights shone overhead las luces brillaban en lo alto
    • the sun was directly overhead el sol caía de pleno
    • a plane flew overhead pasó un avión


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    • 1.1(high up)

      (cable) aéreo
      (railway) elevado
      overhead light luz interior femenino
      • overhead locker compartimiento superior
      • overhead luggage rack rejilla (portaequipajes) superior
      • Why, just the other day one of our overhead lights began to flicker.
      • The helicopter then showed up overhead the wreckage, about 50 yards away from me.
      • A helicopter seemed to be overhead the whole time.
      • The rubber inflatable octopus in the overhead compartment is for important financial purposes only!
      • Ruiz provided one of the best goals of the year with a wonderful overhead kick.
      • He has dozens of armed policemen after him and helicopters overhead.
      • They also had to replace the trolley pole when it escaped from the overhead wire.
      • Instead of buying all new overhead cabinets, the couple found old pieces with character and refurbished them.
      • We all got very wet waiting for the helicopters overhead to edge nearer, and for the snail's pace queue of ordinary buses to finally end.
      • In less time than it takes to tell, Swan had an overhead kick cleared off the line by Frost, before the equaliser arrived from a penalty after 61 minutes.
      • A total of 8 cameras will provide comprehensive coverage, capturing all the on-field action from ground level and overhead views.
      • The labourers tapped the overhead power lines situated at least 2 kilometers away from the labour lines on May 16.
      • The one carry-on bag must fit in an overhead compartment or under the seat.
      • This is why overhead power cables travelling long distances have a very high voltages.
      • News helicopters overhead hovered with cameras sweeping the scene.
      • Up to 51,000 homes across Northern England were caught in the crisis when gales and blizzards damaged overhead power cables.
      • His eyes roamed the dense canopy 150 feet overhead, spotting every monkey, toucan, tree rat, and sloth around us.
      • The air was cold, and the drifting of clouds high overhead was more marked.
      • The wire from that pole to ‘our’ pole was too close to an overhead power supply cable and, in the wind, had rubbed through its insulation.
      • Four miles of overhead power cable can be erected in the Ringley and Stoneclough area.

    • 1.2

      overhead camshaft árbol de levas en cabeza masculino
      • Televisions are in every rack, and a pneumatic overhead hoist is in each hangar bay, just to make the mechanics happy.
      • Both engines have cast aluminum blocks and heads; both have dual overhead cams.
      • Gasoline engines with overhead valves are less polluting than those with side valves.
      • One of the biggest growth areas will be the move from overhead valve engines to overhead cam engines.
      • Both engines are all-aluminum and have overhead cams and four valves per cylinder.
      • Today's cars offer overhead cam engines with multiple valves or variable valve timing which provide good fuel economy, but little low end torque.
      • Although very successful over the years, the Honda uses dated overhead valve technology - meaning that the engine relies on pushrods to open the valves.
      • This was a single overhead cam 2 litre engine, developing up to 140 BHP and mated to a five speed gearbox.
      • Next, the engine: a 2.4-liter featuring 16 valves with variable valve timing and double overhead cams.
      • The capacity is 2.5 litres and the motor has 12 valves actuated by a single overhead cam.
      • They have dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder.
      • Look for engines with clean-burning, overhead valves, rather than side-valve engines.
      • Beginning with a 123 cc model, the ultimate Maserati motorcycle was a 248 cc vertical twin with overhead cam engine.
      • Cylinder deactivation, a natural for OHV engines, is achievable but far more complex with overhead cams.
      • The Minor's 850 cc overhead cam engine provided the power for the first MG Midgets.
      • The cylinder head is a single overhead camshaft, two valve type.
      • Advances in technology means that engines work more efficiently using an overhead cam.
      • Each cylinder features two valves, operated by followers running on an overhead camshaft controlling the charge cycle.
      • The all-aluminum engines feature dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder.
      • By comparison, the Cadillac's 16 overhead valves and pushrods sound trite at best.

    • 1.3Deporte

      (shot/pass/kick) por encima de la cabeza

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    Comercio Finanzas
    (costs/charges) indirecto
    (costs/charges) general
    (charges/costs) de estructura
    • Few exchanges offer opportunities to cover overhead expenses, such as cost of goods, payroll, and rent.
    • You'll make more money if you do because your basic overhead cost will remain constant.
    • Operating and management costs and overhead expenses will be shared by the owners, with Club One taking over the headache of running the fleet.
    • A week-long closure of both plants is expected to take place in June, in a further effort to cut overhead costs.
    • The Landlord does not accrue substantial overhead expenses, as only a skeletal support organization is needed.
    • The association said its proposal is based on increased overhead costs for maintenance, spare parts and fuel.
    • She saves on overhead costs by owning her properties, which enriches her businesses.
    • If you manage your overhead costs properly, you will impact directly on your bottom line cost base.
    • It also benefits from some economies of scale, since production in a foreign plant means that corporate overhead costs are spread over a larger corporate output.
    • Their margins were helped initially because there was little overhead cost.
    • Vegetable exports dropped considerably because of factors such as high freight as well as other overhead costs.
    • Administration and overhead costs include internal administration, overheads, and management fees to external agencies.
    • On the other hand, a small company with lower overhead costs may be able to justify serving much smaller segments who have distinctive needs.
    • The answer is that finding the money is just an overhead cost of the business, like the rent paid for the premises, or the cost of heating the premises.
    • I thought of the price of fresh ingredients, transport, overhead costs and the travails of a seasonal business.
    • It would simply be part of the overhead expense incurred by the solicitor in the proper conduct of his practice.
    • Calculate how much you spend in total on ongoing overhead costs including rent, electricity and wages.
    • Without huge overhead costs, each extra dollar of revenue sees more profit fall to the bottom line.
    • They take up shelf/warehouse space and contribute to increased overhead cost such as insurance.
    • It's the gross profit that covers the overhead expenses and provides the net profit you need to build the company and get a return on your investment.



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    (usually plural) gastos indirectos masculino
    (usually plural) gastos generales masculino
    (usually plural) gastos de estructura masculino