Traducción de overhear en Español:


oír, v.

Pronunciación /əʊvəˈhɪə//ˌoʊvərˈhɪr/

verbo transitivooverheard

  • 1

    (por casualidad) oír
    I overheard her talking about me la oí hablar de mí
    • I overhear the tail-end of a conversation my sister is having with someone or other.
    • However, children are knowledgeable and overhear a great deal.
    • In later years, I would overhear my father listening to it in the middle of the night, crying his eyes out.
    • Then, he overhears a conversation in a cafe and is convinced he has found Lisa, the woman he loved and lost two years earlier.
    • Not meaning to overhear his conversation I continued walking until I heard his words.
    • We ended our snack (better described as lunch) with a large pot of Chinese tea, overhearing snatches of conversation from a neighbouring table.
    • There are occasions when you overhear a bit of someone else's conversation and wish that you'd been eavesdropping properly.
    • Do you really want to overhear his cooing conversations with another girl?
    • Father goes over to follow up potential job prospects, everything seems to be moving smoothly and then one afternoon he overhears a conversation I'm having with a good friend.
    • The researchers will also note every time they hear or overhear the words being used in conversation.
    • Children will hear conversations and overhear information on radio, TV and from the playground network.
    • At a moment like this, in the abrupt silence after Lewis's voice trails off, the listener often overhears Mitchell in the background trying to stifle his laughter.
    • She had been in a convalescent home and had overheard an elderly woman talking about a Norwegian couple who had adopted a child.
    • She placed the baby back in its bed and tried to overhear the conversation right outside her room door.
    • It's so telling to watch body language or eavesdrop and overhear conversations.
    • All of a sudden, she spoke clearly and he could overhear snatches of the conversation.
    • Max overhears the conversation (I've noticed that Max tends to eavesdrop a lot) and he refers to them as lovebirds.
    • Nicole Kidman stars as Silvia, an interpreter at the United Nations who overhears a conversation that might be a death threat against a visiting African head of state.
    • When the building is evacuated, she stays behind unnoticed and overhears a conversation of sinister portent in her native Ku tongue on the microphone system.
    • When Motobo's president - whom Silvia dislikes - comes to the UN, she overhears a plot to assassinate him.

verbo intransitivooverheard

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    excuse me, but I couldn't help overhearing perdone, pero no pude evitar escuchar lo que decía (or dijo etc.)