Traducción de overlie en Español:


recubrir, v.

Pronunciación /ˌoʊvərˈlaɪ//əʊvəˈlʌɪ/

verbo transitivooverlay, overlain, overlying

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    • North of it lies a more permeable medium in the form of sand and gravel overlying silty clay with gravel.
    • The sharpest doming overlies the hottest region and is about 100 km wide.
    • Closer to the present-day frontier in the section known as the Col de Panissars the ruins of the Romanesque church have been shown by excavation to overlie the remains of an unusual Roman structure.
    • In contrast, in the section south of the turbidites the lavas dip steeply northwards, and basalts are overlain by andesites.
    • Basalt is commonly overlain by a sandstone-grit unit that locally grades upward into shale.
    • Dark, lichen-covered rocks towered above us in near-vertical cliff faces, some overlain by frozen waterfalls.
    • The upper contacts are mostly sharp and overlain by interbedded mudstone, dark brown mudstone, laminated mudstone and occasionally fine-grained sandstone.
    • The released water rises into the hot mantle overlying the Nazca slab.
    • It encompasses a unique array of aquatic habitats, which overlie a submerged portion of the tallest coastal mountain range in the world - the Chugash Mountains.
    • The discontinuous clay bed is overlain by the top conglomerate, bed 4.
    • Its melody, very Middle Eastern in tone, overlies a dissonant harmony that gives it a spooky feel without being too jarring.
    • Buried by annual snowfalls after impact, they eventually become embedded in the two-mile-thick frozen mantle that overlies the continent.
    • The local land is notoriously prone to erosion because the soil is only a few inches deep and overlies a sandy base.
    • Intraorally, the soft tissue overlying the area in question appeared normal and firm on palpation.
    • This tidal delta origin is also supported by the observation that the succession does not overlie any regional incision surface.
    • However, the former clearly extends further to the east to overlie other parts of the faulted sequence and may also extend slightly further to the west than the underlying block.
    • Here, the upper mudstone of the TST is erosively overlain by 3 m of bioturbated, clayey sandstone and mudstone.
    • The exposed serpentinite dome was surrounded and partly overlain by crustal blocks.
    • The bottom liner of a landfill has, as a minimum, a drainage layer overlying a moisture-barrier layer of compacted clay.
    • A thin marine clay ironstone with a patchy distribution overlies the flint.