Traducción de overlord en Español:


cacique, n.

Pronunciación /ˈəʊvəlɔːd//ˈoʊvərˌlɔrd/


  • 1

    cacique masculino
    • Their Munich-based overlords have tried in desperation to impose sanctions on both players and officials, ordering national associations to banish what they regard as defectors to an unauthorised competition.
    • It's like it's been programmed into my skull and some mysterious overlord is controlling my actions.
    • I wish him luck and hope he's allowed to put out a mag that he doesn't have to compromise on because of some corporate overlord's interference.
    • Furthermore, there was no Atlantic interference, proving that a major label debut need not sound like a hit-machine product, and a major label band need not kneel before their corporate overlords.
    • Indeed, the importance of having a free and fair press in an online world dominated by corporate overlords shows how deeply players are invested in their virtual existence
    • We worship our newly enlarged, all powerful, democratically elected mayoral overlord.
    • Rather than flaunting his authority, he is more of a learned peer, and beer drinker, than overlord.
    • For the most part, however, only a very small minority of people will be better off - yes, the capitalist overlords - and nothing else matters.
    • Average Americans may yet roar loud enough to take back the power from their corporate overlords.