Traducción de overmuch en Español:


en exceso, adv.

Pronunciación /əʊvəˈmʌtʃ//ˌoʊvərˈmətʃ/


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    en exceso
    en demasía formal
    • The first thing you must learn is not to fear me overmuch.
    • She bit her lip to keep it from trembling overmuch.
    • He would like to see people taking a little more exercise rather than worrying overmuch about whether they've eaten too much chocolate.
    • Do not concern yourself overmuch with the behaviour of your betters.
    • Sometimes we argue overmuch when what we should do is shut up.
    • Heat's not rising anymore; it's settled, close and wet, nothing to do but sweat and try not to breathe overmuch.
    • What critics or audiences think of me doesn't worry me overmuch, as long as I am still offered new challenges in the theatre as well as cinema.
    • Yet Reana trusted him and did not worry overmuch for his sake, especially since all of her concern had been reserved for a certain old man.
    • The man wasn't known for celebrating anything overmuch, especially when preparing food.
    • If the guy wants what is best for his country, and if he does not infringe on mine overmuch to do it, he can go right ahead.
    • We no longer need to look everything up, or worry overmuch about pronunciation.
    • The computer industry, needless to say, has never worried itself overmuch about that.
    • Taylor originally trained as a lawyer, but, having damaged his eyesight in studying, sought work which did not involve overmuch reading and writing.
    • His expression smoothly dispensed of his surprise and assumed a look of cunning which Em didn't like overmuch.
    • The notion that he was a great man who hesitated overmuch to exercise power over his brother bishops seems to me to be much closer to the reality.
    • Do not worry overmuch, Cale, we'll solve this soon.
    • So we should have no wish to punish them overmuch.
    • Let us not, however, flatter ourselves overmuch on account of our human victories over nature.
    • This is a tiny airport with very few formalities and even fewer facilities, so nobody worries overmuch about designated parking places.
    • But if I'm honest the illogicality didn't concern me overmuch.


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