Traducción de overpay en Español:


pagarle demasiado a, v.

Pronunciación /əʊvəˈpeɪ//ˌoʊvərˈpeɪ/

verbo transitivooverpaid

  • 1

    (worker/staff) pagarle demasiado a
    (worker/staff) pagarle en exceso a
    • Many of their players are so overpaid no one would take them.
    • Footballers are like politicians - many are overpaid and more often than not they do not manage their exit from the stage very well at all.
    • If the executives were overpaid, then this company should have a competitive advantage over others in the industry due to the cost savings.
    • And which players are vastly overpaid, providing a minimal return on the investment their teams make?
    • My view has not changed: politicians are overpaid, not underpaid.
    • Seventy percent of the Europeans polled, for example, think that top business executives are overpaid.
    • I'm much more of the opinion that it's better to overpay a player for a shorter contract.
    • They might be vastly overpaid, but their money will never get anywhere near compensating investors for any wrongdoing.
    • In the thin free-agent market, several executives fear many players with modest talent will be overpaid.
    • Leaving aside politicians' integrity, are they overpaid?
    • While it's true that he was overpaid, money rarely is an issue at Inter.
    • The problem is that most of the public has little if any idea of the nature of what ferry workers do, but are certainly eager to hate them because of the false impression that they are overpaid.
    • That a company is simply overpaying its CEO is generally not enough to merit intervention, and if he suspected an accounting problem my guess is he would simply sell.
    • Many boards are still overpaying themselves for abject failure.
    • He detests overpaying for marginal players, and he doesn't figure to do it this year.
    • Australia's leading team were fined A$500,000 and demoted from first place to last in the championship standings for secretly overpaying their players.
    • The small family firms and municipal bus companies were inefficient and badly run and drivers were overpaid by profligate local councils.
    • History has shown that the Blackhawks lose players because they won't pay fair market value, then overpay others with lesser talent to make up for their gaffes.
    • She concluded that half the vice-chancellors were overpaid and half underpaid.
    • They are disgracefully overpaid, an issue that is brought forth every five seconds or so, especially when it comes to the price the public must pay to watch these individuals.
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    (in error)
    pagarle de más a
    the sum overpaid el monto que se pagó de más
    • Basically, the bargain was this: lower and middle class workers would overpay payroll taxes for a few decades, and following that the well off would overpay income taxes for a few decades.
    • And there's the additional benefit that the savings made by overpaying your mortgage debt are not taxed, whereas interest paid in a savings accounts is.
    • Sometimes it is just to help them track down any internal Revenue records for you to check that you haven't overpaid tax.
    • However, a senior executive said the firm believed it had overpaid taxes and was claiming them back.
    • Don't forget the recent mistakes made which overpaid allowances to some individuals, who then didn't even have to pay it back.
    • A competent tax preparer will do what he can to help you avoid overpaying your taxes.
    • That is so, your Honour.… that they passed on that component of it, which was the tax that was overpaid.
    • They can also think about repaying part of the mortgage off early if they can, or overpay each month.
    • The department of work and pensions were demanding the money after the family were overpaid the money, which they spent on care.
    • Students need all the money they can get their hands on - and one of the easiest ways is not to overpay tax.
    • If you have been overpaid, and expect your income for the current tax year to rise by more than £2,500, you must tell the Revenue.
    • It is analogous to the tenant of a house who, on moving out, realises that he or she has been overpaying the rent for the last 8 years.
    • Company pension schemes were today criticised for the threatening way they tried to recover money they had mistakenly overpaid to members.
    • Local tax offices will arrange for cheques to be accepted - if you overpay you cannot be fined and can claim the excess back later.
    • You therefore in effect overpay each month, which is why your mortgage would be cleared more quickly.
    • But many companies overpay their taxes because, by the end of the year, they have turned out smaller incomes than expected.
    • In total he was overpaid £949.76 housing benefit and £216.58 council tax, magistrates heard.
    • That the Revenue could, if they so wished, at the press of a button also create a list of those taxpayers who have overpaid their taxes.
    • Then the public purse took a hammering with the Inland Revenue overpaying tax credits to the tune of £2bn.
    • It was ‘not practical’ to return to people the money they had overpaid.