Traducción de overplay en Español:


exagerar, v.

Pronunciación /əʊvəˈpleɪ//ˌoʊvərˈpleɪ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (problem) exagerar
    to overplay the importance of sth darle demasiada importancia a algo
    • It's possible to overplay the importance of plotting.
    • So I think they've way overplayed this and overstretched this issue.
    • The reason, he suggested, was that news reports tend to overplay the importance of any particular piece of information.
    • It is difficult to overplay the importance of this kind of relationship for a child like Paul.
    • I think just about everybody - Guardian, Rutten, Okrent and the Times - is overplaying this issue.
    • In Britain, the police have been criticised for overplaying the risk of such an event taking place here.
    • I haven't looked into the money side of things but I think they have overplayed the amount of work needed to be done.
    • The conclusion is unwarranted, and involves overplaying the disagreements and their importance while ignoring the basic unity of canonical and doctrinal decisions.
    • The media has displayed utmost irresponsibility by overplaying the story.
    • However, the importance of the ICJ judgement has been dramatically overplayed by international commentators.
    • A Home Office spokesman said the British government would ‘absolutely not’ accept that it was guilty of overplaying the size of the problem in the UK.
    • The chief problem with life-style, and the explanation of consumption upon which it rests, is that it overplays the importance of consumption and consumerism in people's lives.
    • While this may make the book sound light-hearted (and at times it is very witty) the references are always germane and are never overplayed, so that they open up debates to a broader audience without trivialising the issues.
    • The director of the Edinburgh Film Festival said the film was influential but its overall importance was overplayed in Scotland.
    • That said, the rural-urban split should not be overplayed as the scale of pre-election intimidation doubtless served to distort the political process in the rural areas.
    • Having said all this, it is important not to overplay the Confucian card.
    • With 83% of all viewing taking place on terrestrial channels, the threat of multi-channel TV, however, is often overplayed.
    • But some people have criticized the media for overplaying the story and thus feeding public panic.
    • I do not think we have ever, at any stage, downplayed the risk to children, but it is important that we do not overplay the risk to children.
    • Their major claimed benefits may overplay the importance of sharing knowledge and expertise and underplay issues such as social conflict, cultural difference and opportunism.