Traducción de overreach en Español:


intentar hacer demasiado, v.

Pronunciación /ˌoʊvərˈritʃ//əʊvəˈriːtʃ/

verbo reflexivo

  • 1

    intentar hacer demasiado
    I overreached myself trying to play that piece fue demasiado ambicioso de mi parte intentar tocar esa pieza
    • the company overreached itself financially la compañía contrajo demasiadas obligaciones financieras
    • He overreached himself, living out the image of a global media tycoon without the substance to sustain it.
    • But the truth is that many who struggle to borrow the money to do so are in danger of overreaching themselves.
    • You may be misled by an apparent flash of inspiration; and could overreach yourself if you act on it.
    • The US overreached itself on this occasion and was forced to take a step back.
    • As revolutionaries, we must take small steps of rebellion and not overreach ourselves.
    • Usually when a great philosopher, such as Kant, overreaches himself, or seems to do so, we can suspect that there is something true in the offing.
    • The libertarian wing of the revolution overreached itself, and is now fighting rearguard actions on two fronts: foreign policy and biotechnology.
    • Also, he tended to overreach himself by overdoing the glycerine act.
    • Pissarro does indeed seem to be overreaching himself in this picture.
    • The general response of the media has been to treat him as a ‘man of God’ who has perhaps overreached himself in his sincere zeal.
    • The younger artist, it appears, had overreached himself, causing offense to the dominating (albeit absent) figure of the Roman artistic scene, or at least to his followers in Rome.
    • I believe some legislators have overreached themselves in resorting to law provisions to safeguard women's rights.
    • But the EU now looks to have overreached itself.
    • Please tell me if I am overreaching myself but my namesake is an ancient Celtic-Irish goddess, so I feel an affinity with her.
    • Could it be that the Parliament has overreached itself again?
    • The day came, however, when the authorities overreached themselves.
    • The question remains as to whether, despite all the praise being lavished on him, he will eventually be seen to have overreached himself.
    • Hegemons have lots of power and because there is no countervailing force to stop them, they are tempted to use it repeatedly, and thereby overreach themselves.
    • He overreached himself, making border raids and claiming large amounts of land as his own.
    • While applauding the direction he has taken the company, some analysts fear that he loves making deals too much and may overreach himself.