Traducción de overrun en Español:


invadir, v.

Pronunciación /ˌoʊvərˈrən//əʊvəˈrʌn/

verbo transitivooverran

  • 1

    (invade, swarm over)
    to be overrun with sth estar plagado de algo
    • the place was overrun with cockroaches el lugar estaba plagado / infestado de cucarachas
    • But, if the city was overrun by criminals, the media failed to capture the full force of the anarchy with pictures and that is curious.
    • By the time he got there the place was overrun with seniors and juniors, and even a few college kids he'd known from the previous school year.
    • The plot of land on a passageway was overrun with nettles and has not been touched for more than 20 years.
    • When we visited Tobermory last summer, the place was overrun by 3-7 year olds wearing pink and following in the footsteps of their heroes.
    • The site was overrun by rats which is why they brought the rifle.
    • The aftermath of the war also means that the city isn't overrun by tourists and there are few places selling tacky souvenirs at inflated prices.
    • It's a pleasant market town that trades on its literary connections as cannily as you might expect, but the tourists did not appear to have overrun the place when I paid my early summer visit.
    • It moves at the rate of 800 ft to 1000 ft a year and during the 18th century overran cultivated fields and threatened to engulf communities.
    • If by some amazing circumstances you were completely oblivious to the fact that international superstars have overrun our city for the past two weeks, you probably missed out on some great shows.
    • Unlike many pretty spots on the California coast, Baywood Park isn't overrun with tourists.
    • But the place was overrun by rodents, there was no need to harass birds.
    • A wicked mayor plans to overrun the town with rats, close the local primary school and convert it into loft apartments.
    • Do you like to see a lot of people coming in from the city and overrunning the place here?
    • Thier numbers need to be humanely controlled or else they would overrun the place.
    • So then, after a very wet winter, or something, there were mice overrunning the craft room where I plied my trade as community craft-worker person.
    • One example is where Sunny Beach meets neighbouring Sveti Vlas, a village almost overrun by new building.
    • Second, the staff enforces a laissez-faire attitude among the other patrons so that the place isn't overrun by autograph-seekers.
    • Easier for many to manage smaller parcels of land, especially when engaged in continual battle with the wilderness that threatened to overrun their farms and their lives.
    • When 90 kids overran the tiny space his first month in business, he knew he was on to something.
    • I just have this image in my head of a quiet suburban street being overrun by Aliens loping on all fours over the tarmac.
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    • She enjoyed her visit so much it overran by more than 20 minutes.
    • It's still disappointing that they are taking so long and overrunning on jobs when they must appreciate the congestion and damage it's causing to the town centre.
    • The software helps solve problems that cause technology projects to fail or overrun on cost.
    • The budget overran by 1.36 bn, and it lacks ‘stealth’ capabilities.
    • The finance minister insisted it was a myth that major projects such as the building of Dublin's port tunnel habitually overran to the cost of several hundred million euros.
    • There should be a system whereby if roadworks overrun then the company responsible should be fined.
    • If the previous programme overruns, the machine will delay recording; you can also set it to save a whole series.
    • Later on we learned that Cornelius had been allowed to overrun by an hour, curfew be damned.
    • ‘When the cost of projects overrun there are only two possible results.’
    • Projects often overrun and costs follow suit, but there is rarely much scope to raise income to offset the damage.
    • To Tand's amusement, Tanj had taken a nap; a nap that had extended through lunch and was threatening to overrun dinner…
    • It should be the customer who dictates what happens, because if an important meeting overruns they don't want to miss their flight.
    • The Public Accounts Committee has found that the Forestry Services computer system overran in budget because this division was decentralised to Wexford and it lost all its IT staff.
    • With Scottish elections due next year and the devolved parliament already under fire for costs overrunning on its new building, that would be a severe blow to devolution.
    • Downing Street postponed the appointment from Monday following a delay in the Prime Minister's schedule after talks in Northern Ireland overran.
    • My father was particularly proud of an occasion when he overran by several minutes and his audience stayed.

verbo intransitivooverran

  • 1

    the meeting overran by half an hour la reunión se prolongó media hora más de lo previsto


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    we will not allow any budget overruns no admitiremos que se exceda / se rebase el presupuesto
    • the article had a 400-word overrun el artículo sobrepasaba en 400 palabras la longitud establecida