Traducción de overshadow en Español:


eclipsar, v.

Pronunciación /ˌoʊvərˈʃædoʊ//əʊvəˈʃadəʊ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (event/achievement/person) eclipsar
    • And his parents always caught him at the wrong times - and then there was always Quasim to overshadow him and make everything worse.
    • So engaging was she that she overshadowed the male lead.
    • The bridegroom overshadowed the bride in almost every way: he was the one looking like an oversized Jaffa, decked out in a bright orange suite with a gay, orange floral tie.
    • Routine modernization and the recapitalization of legacy systems appear to overshadow programs that could yield disruptive innovation.
    • Once again, however, while it is a strong female with both feminine and masculinized qualities who has saved the day, there is no strong male partner present to overshadow her.
    • ‘You don't want someone overshadowing the President,’ said an official.
    • While Anita was sociable and well-liked by her peers, Betty was often overshadowed by her cousin and believed to be snobbish as a result of common misperceptions.
    • There is, however, a danger of the high quality of the music overshadowing the script.
    • However, the delegation's overall retrograde tactics overshadowed its few good ideas for public/private partnerships and foreign aid.
    • Most likely, though, it's because he was overshadowed by the opening band.
    • I can't be on same stage with him because he overshadows me.
    • Their proactive constituencies espouse approaches that their opponents claim overshadow more important issues.
    • With just five weeks to go before the midterm elections, the talk of war appears to be overshadowing other issues, such as the economy and Social Security.
    • The court hopes that this film's quality will eventually overshadow its bizarre notoriety.
    • Indeed, certain aspects, such as the important provider role, may overshadow the progressive and egalitarian ideals and behaviors that are becoming so prevalent.
    • It's as if he felt the other musicians were overshadowing him on his own album and, dammit, he decided to do something about it.
    • Even in his own field he has been overshadowed in the public eye by those who have popularized his ideas.
    • Have college athletics become too important, in some cases overshadowing colleges' primary goal?
    • At the '96 Olympics, the U.S. women's team so overshadowed the men that the NBA stars almost could slip in and out the back door.
    • Unfortunately, the questionable nature of this association overshadowed the validity of her theory of translation.
    • But too often, experts say, economic issues overshadow important emotional considerations.
    • Olumer personally thought that Cadona, or Destiny, didn't want the Kings and Queens overshadowing her, but of course he didn't say that.
    • I believe that a good film is always the result of team work where each one has a part to play and no one overshadows anyone.
    • A feisty performance threatens to overwhelm some of her co-performers, but in a real test of her ability she plays her part without overshadowing the main leads.
    • The actor too often overshadows the character he plays.
    • Social values and the promotion of a positive self image are at the forefront and for some, overshadow mere competition.
    • Whereas Ana was a very beautiful girl in her own right, Sophia often overshadowed her, which got on the younger girl's nerves every once in a while, but she had learned not to show it.
    • The dilemmas with which they had previously wrestled appear to be momentarily overshadowed by their new horizons.
    • Even events of the most serious nature get overshadowed by the political squabbles that will result as both sides attempt to leverage the issue to their advantage.
    • In later Buddhist folklore and thought these sentiments grew so prominent as to overshadow even the premier value of liberation.
    • And, of course, what President would want to appoint his predecessor, a man of great charm and pizzaz, to a position where he might actually overshadow the new President.
    • Heroes are all well and good, but only when they're already dead, and you don't have to deal with them overshadowing you.
    • This overshadows the quality of the cinematography and framing.
    • This has been somewhat to the detriment of his later work which, whilst more conventional in style, has qualities which have been overshadowed by his fashionable earlier output.
    • There is little sense of Lear's kingly stature, and he's almost overshadowed by his daughters.
    • The official candidate was greatly overshadowed by the other four self-appointed independent candidates.
    • So bewitching is this exuberance that public opinion occasionally overshadows artistic instinct.
    • The fief overshadowed fealty, the benefice became more important than vassalage, and freemen began to swear allegiance to the highest bidder only.
    • But it was not intended to stand apart from his scientific work, let alone overshadow it.
    • Some important stories are being overshadowed in the process.
  • 2

    (make gloomy)
    (occasion) ensombrecer
    • These stories are overshadowed, though, by the disappointment and bitterness that lingers after frustrating political battles.
    • The warning is against allowing the aftermath of instantaneous tragedy to overshadow the various ongoing crises that are ignored because the effects are stretched over time.
    • But the designer is a little shaken by an accident that has overshadowed her new collection.
    • Investor gloom may well overshadow improving economic fundamentals through the summer.
    • The string of tragedies overshadowed the coalition's triumphs of mid-August and September.
    • THEIR STORIES may vary but a common thread binds them together, for their life has been overshadowed by a deep sense of despair and tragedy.
    • He said many areas had serious underlying problems which were overshadowing significant improvements being made to health services.
    • Whatever the case, it's a sign of our miserabilist times that precisely the time of year when there is the most fun to be had is overshadowed by tales of gloom.
    • However, this victory for state lawmakers is being overshadowed by persistent stories of voter confusion over which way to vote.
    • Possibly because of this tragedy rightly overshadowing all other aspects, little has been heard of the monetary cost of this misbegotten adventure.
    • However, that racing tragedy was more than overshadowed by the sudden death of his wife Margaret a little over two years ago.
    • I found several stories, admittedly usually overshadowed by the tragic and heroic stories of Australian victims and survivors.
    • There is an inevitable sense of foreboding and personal betrayal that seem to overshadow any story told in this genre.
    • Why then does his plight overshadow the tender story of the prince?
    • But the speculation has overshadowed that, and it also has overshadowed the wins and the great plays.
    • Despite the gloom that's overshadowed the sector for a while, he believes that there are reasons to be hopeful.
    • These stories tend to overshadow the way Lottery grants have made a real difference to countless grassroots organisations.
    • It was inevitable that the tragedy would overshadow the rout.
    • The sputtering of the economy over the past 18 months now has been overshadowed by terror and tragedy.
    • War overshadows much of this music: Napoleon's defeat at Leipzig for Beethoven's work (its premiere was a charity concert for wounded soldiers), and post-war destruction for Strauss.