Traducción de own en Español:


tener, v.

Pronunciación /oʊn//əʊn/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    ser dueño de
    poseer formal
    they own all the surrounding land son dueños de todas las tierras de alrededor
    • she owns several houses in the area posee varias casas en la zona
    • do you own the house? ¿la casa es tuya?
    • she acts as if she owns the place se comporta como si fuera la dueña y señora del lugar
    • the boat is partly owned by the school el barco pertenece en parte a la escuela
    • I own six pairs of shoes tengo seis pares de zapatos
    • It was here that he met his first wife Ann whose father owned a coalmine in West Virginia -.
    • He was installed in a pharmacy owned by his father on nearby Observatory Street.
    • I know that deep down it wouldn't feel right in my heart, but it might just be the closest I ever get to owning a pair.
    • Some would claim that he was born at Dougharne Hill where his father also owned another house.
    • My father owns a packaging company, and is also a sales representative for his company.
    • None of my family or friends have ever owned big businesses or been corporate consultants.
    • Her father, who owns a bank, is reputed to be the wealthiest man in Spain.
    • He might have been working with gold, but his father certainly owned no golden goose.
    • Her grandparents ran the old Savernake Forest Hotel and her father owned nightclubs.
    • He said his father owned a light aircraft, which he was allowed to use.
    • And just that morning, we had buried a childless woman who had lived 86 years without ever owning a car.
    • She dropped them and looked about the room, trying to picture it as it had once been when her father's friend had owned it.
    • They also have no problem with living with massive student debt as they start out their adult life, and they have no illusions about ever owning their own home.
    • My family haven't ever owned land and there isn't a farm anywhere which one day I'll inherit.
    • Having no means of his own, he has given up all hope of ever owning a nice home.
    • Ever fancied owning a stretch of a famous salmon river, but found yourself about a million quid short of the asking price?
    • You never nurse the slightest notion of ever owning those clothes.
    • His parents live in Kolkata; his father owns a portrait photo studio and his mother is a floral stylist.
    • My father owned Cook's demolition yard just down from here and my eldest son was born there.
    • His hobby doesn't come cheap but, helpfully, his father owns a polo yard in Sussex.
  • 2formal

    I'll own that I was mistaken reconozco que estaba equivocado
    • Hume was quite well aware that Berkeley would not have owned to being a sceptic.
    • A man should never be ashamed to own that he has been in the wrong,

verbo intransitivo


  • 1

    to own to sth reconocer algo
    • I'm willing to own to my mistakes estoy dispuesto a reconocer mis errores


  • 1

    my/her/your etc. own
    • she's started her own business ha montado un negocio propio
    • in our own house en nuestra propia casa
    • I saw it with my (very) own eyes lo vi con mis propios ojos
    • I'd like to have my own room me gustaría tener una habitación para mí sola
    • she makes her own clothes se hace la ropa ella misma
    • it's all my own work lo hice todo yo
    • I'll find my own way out no te molestes en acompañarme


  • 1

    my/her/your etc. own
    • it isn't a company car: it's her own no es un coche de la empresa, es suyo (propio)
    • they looked after the baby as if he was their own cuidaron del niño como si fuera suyo
    • I want to keep it for my (very) own lo quiero para mí solo
    • she wanted a room of her (very) own quería una habitación para ella sola
    • she has enough work of her own without helping you too tiene bastante trabajo propio como para estar ayudándote a ti
    • for reasons of her own por razones particulares
    • Florence has a charm all (of) its own Florencia tiene un encanto muy particular
    • on one's own solo
    • don't leave the children on their own no dejes a los niños solos
    • he can't climb the stairs on his own no puede subir las escaleras (por sí) solo
    • she runs the office on her own lleva la oficina ella sola
    • I can't handle three kids on my own yo sola no puedo con tres niños
    • you're on your own from now on de ahora en adelante te las arreglarás por tu cuenta
    • to call sth one's own
    • I can't call my house my own these days me tienen invadida la casa últimamente
    • I don't have a moment to call my own no tengo ni un minuto para mí
    • to come into one's own
    • a washing machine comes into its own when you have children cuando tienes niños te das cuenta de lo que vale una lavadora
    • she really comes into her own in the final act en el último acto es cuando verdaderamente se luce
    • to get one's own back desquitarse
    • I can't wait to get my own back on him no veo el momento de desquitarme / de hacérselas pagar
    • to hold one's own saber defenderse