Traducción de oyster bar en Español:

oyster bar

ostrería, n.


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    ostrería femenino
    • Many earlier habitations were also discovered, followed in 1995 by a large stone Roman temple, complete with bread ovens and even an oyster bar.
    • Although a third of the business centres around exports, the firm still maintains an oyster bar, shop and restaurant (which started out as a roadside shed) and a mail order scheme guaranteeing next-day delivery.
    • But because Mathews joined us for cigarette breaks on Duvall Street and for lunch at a harbor side oyster bar during our one weekend in paradise, we flew home sated, tanned and star-dusted, though not necessarily any better at writing.
    • There are many places there I would love to try, the oyster bar, the caviar bar, the tea house.
    • A private beach and a children's playground are also among the facilities available, not to mention the oyster bar and seafood restaurant to titillate the taste buds.
    • Ground zero for the future of golf lies on a driving range wedged between an all-you-can-eat oyster bar and a trailer park in a section of Florida at its strip-mall finest.
    • The oyster bar downstairs has blossomed and added a good many more complicated cooked dishes to the menu, but on the first floor everything continues much as before… and therein lies its charm.
    • Likewise the student fascinated by the absence of oyster bars in the city market might begin by examining the literature on social class.
    • The shellfish were popular with all classes of Scottish society, with special oyster bars being set up in Victorian Edinburgh.
    • James Pimm, a 19 th-century owner of a London oyster bar, intended his herbs-and-quinine-flavoured drink to be a digestive tonic.
    • Down by the oyster bar the atmosphere is like a tailgate party.
    • If that's not enough to get you licking your lips, there is also a cocktail court, a chess theatre, an oyster bar and a cognac and cigar lounge.
    • If you fit that bill, then there's a lot to be said for the basement of Glasgow's Arthouse Hotel, one open-plan space with four zones: a drinks bar, a Teppanyaki bar, an oyster bar and at the centre, the Arthouse Grill.
    • Catch is mainly a fish and seafood restaurant, with a casual oyster bar on the main floor and fine dining upstairs.
    • The promotion will include in-store tastings, demonstrations with leading Irish chefs, an oyster bar and salmon workshop.
    • It's divided into three dining areas with the ground floor offering outdoor seating and a busy oyster bar.
    • The Rogano is an art deco style oyster bar that offers delicious oysters and fish dishes.
    • Also reliable - for food and celebrities - are 350 Main Co., which offers an oyster bar and seafood entrées, and Grappa, with its regional Italian dishes.
    • Suddenly, Michael pulled away from me and went into an oyster bar.
    • There are one or two posh oyster bars in various places, and there are no doubt fancy fish shops that sell them, but they are not a common foodstuff.