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    (in UK)
    certificado que recibe un empleado al ser dado de baja de un empleo
    • Edmundson, the 50-year-old cricket secretary returned from a family holiday in Florida to find his P45 on the doormat.
    • If they give you a P45, it will set out what tax code to apply to their wages.
    • Allan had the temerity to suggest he treat potential donors more courteously, and Neil responded by giving him his P45.
    • And the waiting fans at least got a treble up this time: three bodies for the guillotine instead of the customary solitary soul and his P45.
    • A corporate raider would see her off with a P45.
    • The very battle lines for the party's soul are fought around over your P45.
    • And yet, in the sleevenotes, Ho gets thanks, rather than the P45 he deserves.
    • The pair set into each other like agitated badgers, and were promptly dismissed - Hales even found himself the proud new owner of a P45 shortly afterwards.
    • If Jack McConnell wanted rid of her he should have given her her P45 at the last reshuffle.
    • Some believe Dudley effectively wrote his own P45 a few weeks ago.
    • None are particularly palatable but they certainly more palatable than a P45 and no job.
    • As soon as I was out of hospital I got my P45 sent to me.
    • Labour MPs rose and applauded after the 30-minute session, which saw Mr Blair cracking jokes - even admitting he had received his P45.
    • He always has a spring in his step when he visits West Brom these days and recalls the day he was handed his P45.
    • So long as you have your P45, which you should have received once you ceased working, you are entitled to put in for a claim.
    • I was called into an office one morning and thought I was getting my P45.
    • Or is some sad sub somewhere sitting staring at his P45?
    • The vehemence of its usage will be in direct correlation to the deserving of a P45 of the person saying it.
    • Mr Drage continued to receive full pay down to the date of the dismissal of his appeal and his P45 was made up to that date.
    • These are sidestepped by employers, who realise that psychology is a more effective weapon than a P45.