Traducción de package en Español:


paquete, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpækɪdʒ//ˈpakɪdʒ/


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    • 1.1(parcel)

      paquete masculino
      • Our Hall Ings and district offices have been overwhelmed with parcels, packages, carrier bags and boxes of items sent in by individuals, families, companies and organisations.
      • Next to her place was a dry goods store where they still wrapped your packages in brown paper before sending you home.
      • Inside the box was a package wrapped in silver paper, tied with a silver bow.
      • In December, we mail a holiday package - a fun, clever gift along with a video of the summer - to each of the previous season's staff.
      • ‘Happy Birthday,’ she said quietly as she took out a wrapped package from her bag and handed it to me.
      • The vehicle then loads up the packages and parcels at Hartlebury which are intended to be distributed from the sub-depot from which it made collections earlier in the night and takes them to that sub-depot.
      • The company is now tracing all the parcels and packages that were at the warehouse, and will be tracking down and informing affected businesses and individuals.
      • For those who are not acquainted with Christmas crackers, they're little packages in garish paper.
      • Also, passengers should not go to the airport with wrapped packages.
      • Teamsters truck drivers who deliver packages for United Parcel Service, for example, have said they will honor the janitors' picket lines.
      • Don't leave wrapped packages or shopping bags on car seats where they can entice thieves.
      • Ari found the suspicious package in a cardboard box and immediately reported his discovery to the police.
      • The firm also received a major contract allowing them to deliver parcel packages for Fed-Ex.
      • ‘Here, I got you a little something,’ she says, handing me a flat, square package.
      • Does the final pack or package include just the tray, or the tray and header bag, or the shelf pack too?
      • Don opened the brown paper wrapped package slowly, and undid the tape on a box inside of it.
      • So that means going back through every package sent and being prepared to document the postage, the recipient, the purpose, etc.
      • By the 1890s, the US government was sending out millions of packages containing packets of several different seeds each year.
      • By the time he hits Finland, he's barely stopping long enough to offload packages and parcels.
      • ‘He got me a present,’ the short-haired youth muttered, staring in disbelief at the wrapped package in his hands.

    • 1.2US (packet, carton)

      paquete masculino
      • All I needed was a new binder, a few packages of binder paper and a package of black inked pens and I would be ready to roll.
      • The sealed package of papers dates from between 2013 and 2019 and archaeologists speculate it may have been deliberately buried for historians of the future.
      • Noah grinned and tossed her a package of paper napkins.
      • The Pica Limon came in a package very similar to Pico Diana; very small individual packets full of powder.
      • We went to operations, and the first pilot was given a package of papers.
      • Cael opened the package and took out the small packet of flavoring, setting it on the counter as Vincent followed his instructions.
      • I discreetly tested my mind-control abilities on the Princess, by willing her to ask for a package of peanuts - the experiment was not a success.
      • You could try to agree with that neighbor to grow the same variety of corn, but if they don't respond to diplomacy, buy a package of old fashioned paper lunch bags.
      • The system converts voice into Internet data packets - little packages of data that go to and fro on the Net - and vice versa.
      • Kozinski ripped open a package of printing paper and thumped the stack against a table to align the edges.
      • You see, the peanuts didn't have a set price - you'd just toss some change into the can and take a package of peanuts.
      • After gulping down half the can I shuffled through a few cupboards until I found a package of peanut butter crackers.
      • A bulk package of 8 paper towel rolls costs around $5, and makes somewhere around 900 wipes.
      • She flung her package of photography paper onto the counter.
      • Rowena found packages of paper plates, cups, napkins, and plastic forks; she was just setting the napkins out in a fan when Eloise came by.
      • When they were done I ordered the salad, a bottle of water and a package of M & M Peanuts.
      • Edelman is also hoping that the recent increases in the cost of a package and carton of cigarettes will keep some youngsters from starting the habit.
      • For years - decades, perhaps - every package of chopsticks I've ever seen around here has come in the same red wrapper.
      • A package of blank photo paper, which also includes the dye supplies, consists of 36 pieces and costs Rp 130,000.

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    • 2.1(collection, set)

      paquete masculino
      a software package un paquete de software
      • a package of reforms un paquete de reformas

    • 2.2British informal (vacation)

      viaje organizado masculino
      a two-week package to Tenerife un viaje organizado de dos semanas a Tenerife
      • package vacation / (British) holiday viaje organizado
      • There is an interest in these forms of tourism as part of packages for tourists.
      • They focused on all-inclusives and vacation packages, deciding on an all-inclusive resort in Antigua.
      • Monte Bondone is not a resort, and the holiday package caters exclusively for single adults.
      • I am a business traveler and have no wish for a vacation package.
      • Themed tour routes, which include tours of Joburg's mines and Soweto's historical Vilakazi Street, were being explored as packages to market to tour operators.
      • To greet the Labour Day break, Shangri-La, the largest hotel group in China, is launching a special package for holiday-makers.
      • The Hawaii vacations, Hawaii cruises and Hawaii vacation packages are one of the most sizzling tourism deals.
      • Three-day family vacation packages cost $155 per person, including activities and meals.
      • Online customers also will have a chance to win trips and vacation packages to Marriott Resort Hotels or a grand prize of a VIP trip to the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
      • Bulgarian tour operators have negotiated good ski tourism packages in Helsinki, Todorov said.
      • The peace and quiet of the North Coast of Bulgaria is a choice that many make based on its luxurious holiday packages, tour operators and foreign guests.
      • As part of their holiday package, David and Eve will get the opportunity of climbing the famous arch of Sydney Harbour Bridge; the deal also includes a sunset dinner cruise.
      • The number of Irish tourists there is likely to be small, according to Budget Travel, because Irish tour operators do not provide holiday packages to Turkey in the winter.
      • Additionally there will be handsome trophies and holiday packages to Sri Lanka resorts.
      • Vacation Outlet sells both resort packages and cruise vacations.
      • Lighthouse tours were included in my vacation package and I was in the mood for sightseeing.
      • You should see his vacation packages… everything about the transfer would be to our benefit.
      • A special feature this time round provides an insight into how tour operators put your holiday packages together.
      • The second package leaves Dublin for London and on to Istanbul from May 13 to 16 inclusive.
      • Grand prize is a vacation package for two upper class tickets to the U.K. and hotel accommodations, and a signed guitar from the band Travis.

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    • While all are extremely dangerous at low levels, the vials pictured appear to be packaged for ease of transport and limited use, as a testing agent might be.
    • Cargill is vertically integrated, operating at every stage of the food supply chain, from seed to packaged end product.
    • Our local sales were strong on ground and packaged products like pork sausage and hot dogs.
    • Dating information and instructions for proper storage are required on most foods which have a shelf life of 90 days or less, starting on the day the food was packaged for retail sale.
    • Why save tomato seeds from year to year when buying packaged ones each year is so convenient?
    • The other night Leta was sitting quite contentedly in her car seat, and we decided to use that opportunity to cook an actual meal on the actual stove with actual food that wasn't packaged in a box.
    • Allergan packages their product with an official hologram to thwart counterfeiters.
    • SKB has packaged the product in a flat box, versus the more common vitamin/herb bottle.
    • By the sounds of it, the problem is a relatively recent discovery and who knows how many Foster Xeons have been packaged up inside duff units during initial production runs.
    • Avoid margarine, deep fried foods, and packaged baked goods.
    • Cut flowers could be packaged and transported in many ways, but mainly in flower cups, sleeves, boxes, bulk bins, pallets and containers suitable for air and sea transport.
    • My older sister Annie was helping me package all of the food and toys in boxes, getting them ready for the class of all girls that needed the supplies.
    • A crew is on the assembly line packaging products in one area.
    • They are interested in knowing whether there would be demand for Japanese products if they are used as gift packages, as well as how they should be packaged and transported for the markets, they added.
    • The precise requirements for labelling and packaging, including safety aspects such as child-resistant containers, vary according to way in which the product is packaged.
    • Mr Selisho said consumers were normally attracted to products that were better packaged than those which looked poor.
    • The mixture is then poured into moulds for curing, packaged and transported to the MCC warehouse in Winnipeg.
    • This frozen product is packaged in the Price Chopper stores in variable weight packages, a styrofoam tray with a plastic stretch over wrap, and bears a UPC which may differ from store to store.
    • The team was taken on a tour of the plantations and the production plant, going through the production process, from loading of cane into the crushing plant, to the final packaged product.
    • Since no refrigeration is needed, energy is conserved compared with storing and shipping fresh foods packaged some other ways.
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    the product is attractively packaged la presentación del producto es atractiva
    • she was packaged for the leadership le crearon una imagen de líder
    • It's cleverly packaged to give the appearance of continuing upward growth in same store sales, the most important measure in retailing.
    • I do wonder when watching it how the entire two weeks living someone else's life is packaged and presented to us.
    • Modular science courses are packaged around themes meant to connect with pupils, such as the environment and renewable energy, in the hope that by relating science to everyday life would make more sense to pupils.
    • Companies are constantly trying to gain new customers through packaging their shops as pseudo-entertainment complexes, according to Burt.
    • The question is how do you present and cover and package news in a way that doesn't make people fall asleep?
    • And what it indicates is that he believes very strongly that packaging the message is a very important thing to do and he essentially does not trust anyone else to do that.
    • By presenting digital culture in a powerful way, by naming it and packaging it, Wired created a feedback loop that had an enormous effect on its development.
    • This problem is less a function of movies per se than of the larger Hollywood publicity machine through which personal lives are packaged for public consumption.
    • They get a bunch of lines, story, etc. and then they try to package it and display it so the audience gets the required message.
    • First of all, he's just barely giving us something we've never seen before, though packaging it as something a good number of us love and will never see again.
    • The countries may have to make adjustments but they also have to package their reforms in such a way that they are deemed acceptable to a majority of their citizens.
    • Instead, the filmmakers are more interested in how a modern campaign packages its product for the voting masses.
    • The ad took an imaginative approach to attracting plaintiffs and packaged it in a singularly unimaginative format.
    • The organisers of the camp had packaged the daily schedule in such way that it inculcates a spirit of adventure among the participating cadets besides enhancing their leadership quality.
    • This release is packaged attractively, with full booklet notes (including texts and translations) and Digipak packaging.
    • Unfortunately, pop music is packaged into what people want to see.
    • Most popular science is written by experts looking to package their expertise for beginners.
    • The government needs to keep in mind that no administration that damaged the economy has received a good assessment, no matter how it has packaged its reforms.
    • What's more, Chissick has come up with a most attractive way to package the revue.
    • If a concept is packaged to appeal to our personal reality matrix, we might believe it without critical examination.
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    (in publishing)
    encargarse de la producción de un libro
    • Fortunately, the best articles of that era have been packaged into a new book edited by George Curry, editor of Emerge from 1993 to 2000.
    • But I will do my best to bring those stories and ideas together, help develop and polish the text, and package the final product in an informative format.
    • The reader who buys his book will get a readable translation and a neatly packaged one - that's, one that's self-contained and told in the form of a continuous story.
    • We work closely together, and we now use her company, Mignon Communications, to package each book.
    • The new book is similarly packaged but is much more limited in scope.