Traducción de packaging en Español:


embalaje, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpakɪdʒɪŋ//ˈpækɪdʒɪŋ/


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    • 1.1(packing)

      embalaje masculino
      • The food processing industry also involves processing such as grading, sorting and packaging which enhance the shelf-life of food products.
      • The offering can actually start to play out in a way that the previous packaging or distribution system wouldn't allow it to.
      • ‘We think good packaging supplements good production and in turn it leads to good business,’ he said.
      • A total of 63 staff jobs will be retained in Carlow in sales, marketing, distribution, sugar packaging and administration.
      • Mead retired as Tenneco CEO and chairman, and became non-executive chairman of the new packaging and automotive companies.
      • Children still learn how to bake bread and operate a sewing machine, but the subject is now likely to include discussion on the nutritional value of food, commercial packaging and the fashion industry.
      • This would go along way to enable local companies invest in packaging and distribution both for the local and export markets.
      • Tetra Pak develops and manufactures the equipment for processing, packaging and distribution of liquid food.
      • For what it's worth, perfume costs very, very little to manufacture - the main costs are in the marketing and packaging, although even that doesn't explain the high price of the stuff.
      • E-tailers must carefully balance the costs of a delivery proposition that appeals to customers with the reality that shipping and packaging take a bite out of revenues.
      • All of the products described below are designed to speed up packaging and make the process more cost-effective.
      • As the head of design and packaging for the girls division at Mattel, she wanted something innovative, a product that was part construction set, part craft kit.
      • He, however, challenged the private sector to improve on their standards and packaging of products for them to compete with foreign products.
      • He said for Africa to fully utilise its resources, there was need for regional packaging so that countries would do joint marketing of products.
      • Packaging of products plays a vital role in the transportation and sale of goods.
      • They will address the areas of packaging and marketing, technical issues as well as design and branding.

    • 1.2Marketing

      presentación femenino
      with the right packaging, he could be a star si se le crea la imagen apropiada, podría llegar al estrellato
      • Everybody in the music worlds think that a record's packaging is crucial, but not necessarily for the same reasons.
      • I really appreciate the packaging, presentation, and layout, but there are technical and informational flaws that mar the enjoyment of the extras.
      • Not that any of that actually matters - because unwrapped from all its packaging, the key point is this.
      • Video game packaging is a highly market-conscious but often under-appreciated art.
      • His casting, along with that of now-wife Buffy, reeks of agent packaging and concept marketing, pure and simple.
      • The presentation, appearance and packaging of cricket on TV had been changed radically.
      • And when I say ghastly, I mean the presentation and packaging, not the actual music.
      • Opera is different from the mainstream entertainment industry, which uses packaging and promotion to increase popularity.
      • Politics like practically everything else nowadays is a matter of packaging and selling, be it an individual, a Prime Minister hoping to make an impact, or a policy.
      • However, unlike their more famous peers, this group lacks the potential commercial packaging that results in a memorable aural impression.
      • But when you take away the clever packaging and advertising, is soy really a superfood?
      • What set him apart was the way he understood that advertising and packaging are the driving force of post-war popular culture.
      • But most authors would be pleased by such sales figures, especially as the books needed no promotion or packaging.

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    envoltorio masculino
    • If you plan to recycle the packaging from your Easter goodies, detach the cardboard box from the foil and plastic packaging.
    • Perioperative nurses can take the initiative to set up areas to collect clean packaging, blue wrap, plastics, and paper.
    • Both memory modules arrived in form fitting packaging to protect it during shipping.
    • This definition would include the shelf pack and shipping carton and any other packaging used to protect the sterile barrier system.
    • Electrical and electronic equipment are on their list too and don't forget cardboard, plastic packaging, cans, textiles and clothing.
    • The world's largest maker of ceramic packaging used to protect computer chips gets more than half of its sales from abroad.
    • Fuels, plastics, paper and packaging can be derived from hemp, a plant that needs no pesticides, and a paper source that needs no bleach or forest destruction.
    • These vegan soaps have biodegradable packaging.
    • When it is up and running the recycling centre will accept cardboard, plastic packaging, cans, textiles, clothing and that is termed dry recycling.
    • It even comes with unique packaging, strangely wrapped in a cardboard slip case and inner artwork that resembles a little starship.
    • Even the plastic film used for packaging is food-grade, virgin plastic.
    • The selection of an adhesive-coated material for sterile packaging can require months of testing and screening.
    • Even though it has been printed on extra-lightweight paper, protective packaging will inflate the overall weight even further.
    • And, finally, choose goods wrapped in recyclable packaging.
    • It's the first time he's ever expressed interest in a toy that doesn't have instructions or batteries and comes with completely bio-degradable packaging.
    • These bootlegs come shrink wrapped in pretty packaging, looking almost exactly like a professional version except they cost a fraction of the price.
    • All their packaging is biodegradable, and should have completely dissolved within 14 weeks of going into a landfill.
    • The packaging is designed to protect the mangoes from the traumas of the Indian transport system.
    • Cardboard and plastic packaging with printed weights and brand advertising was not a feature of retailing at the time.
    • The discs are as stable as regular CDs and come wrapped in green packaging.