Traducción de paddling pool en Español:

paddling pool

estanque, n.

Pronunciación ///ˈpædlɪŋ ˌpul/


  • 1

    (in park) estanque masculino Britanico
    (inflatable) piscina inflable femenino
    (para niños) (inflatable) alberca inflable femenino México
    • Several members commented that the paddling pool had been used for more than 30 years without serious incident and they failed to see why it was suddenly considered unsafe.
    • Matthews has created three different inflatable pools for children in the belief that today's kids are bored by traditional paddling pools.
    • Another popular event with children, the fun day at the paddling pool on the edge of the edge of Ilkley Moor, is also expected to return in summer 2005.
    • While a massive programme of work is under way to improve the popular park for visitors and make it more secure, the paddling pool has been left to fall derelict.
    • But a £6million cut in the social services budget and the loss of popular park facilities, such as paddling pools and summer bedding, have proved controversial.
    • But messing about in water and sand is what children want, and what parents enjoy seeing them doing, hence the popularity of the paddling pool.
    • Mr Turner, a facilities manager, remembers visiting the park as a youngster with his brothers and sisters when it boasted shining play equipment and a paddling pool.
    • Hordes of people struggling to keep cool headed straight for paddling pools and swimming pools across the region.
    • It includes a paddling pool, small children's play area and a shallow end pool.
    • Generations of children have played in paddling pools around the region, but fears about waterborne infections and the risk of leaving young people unsupervised and at risk of drowning could force their closure.
    • There is the attractive stone jetty with pavement games and sculptures, and Happy Mount Park - a fun haven for all the family with its paddling pool, play area, crown green bowling, café and picnic areas.
    • Our children's eyes lit up when they saw the public areas - planted on the lawn near the paddling pool was a large climbing frame, complete with enthusiastically climbing kids.
    • Money was set aside to refurbish two city playgrounds every year - each one costing between £250,000 to £300,000 and the city still has nine paddling pools being actively used.
    • Argos had sold out of garden furniture, paddling pools, parasol sets and fans.
    • The presence of a great children's play park right next to it also means that on summer evenings the kids can finish their ice-creams as they have a go on the swings, before inevitably falling into the paddling pool and having to be taken home.
    • However, a decision has been made to close the paddling pool adjacent to the new play area, after a health and safety assessment deemed a number of improvements would have to be made to bring it up to modern day standards.
    • There was a magic roundabout, swings, paddling pools, a Jamaican steel band and lashings of ice cream and cake.
    • Splashing in a shallow paddling pool can be fun too.
    • Council officers are also examining the possibility of turning the former paddling pools into a garden and the cafe is being refurbished and is expected to open in the next few weeks.
    • The Twist Project has been set up to give children in Penhill much needed play facilities which will include an adventure playground on the old paddling pool site in Penhill.