Traducción de paddy wagon en Español:

paddy wagon

furgón policial, n.



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    furgón policial masculino
    celular masculino
    coche celular masculino
    canguro masculino España coloquial
    madrina femenino México coloquial
    julia femenino México coloquial
    cuca femenino Chile coloquial
    jaula femenino Colombia coloquial
    • The streets were empty except for a few neighbors, a paddy wagon and a squad car.
    • For the next two hours, the entire area was crawling with dozens of police vans, squad cars, riot troops and paddy wagons.
    • All of a sudden, a paddy wagon pulled up, cops jumped out and threw us up against the wall, patted us down, handcuffed us, put us in the van and took us to the judge, who was in all-night court.
    • They handcuffed me, put me in a paddy wagon and brought me to some detention centre that I think was in the East End.
    • Down the block, closer to where the protests had been, many of the protesters were cuffed and put into paddy wagons.
    • Demonstrators attempted to prevent the arrest by blocking access to a police paddy wagon which had showed up to carry the mime away.
    • Perry was later handcuffed with plastic tie wraps, carted off to the paddy wagon with the other protesters and arrested for mischief.
    • However, no police officers were present to guard the defendant inside the paddy wagon.
    • Six police arrived, and got me from a very critical situation on that train station, into the back of a paddy wagon and off to hospital, which is exactly where I needed to be.
    • Rousted from the sparkling table, we were handcuffed and shoved into a paddy wagon.
    • Those who got arrested were either transported in paddy wagons or on city buses marked, ‘Not in Service.’
    • We are being treated like criminals, being handcuffed and taken away in paddy wagons.
    • The protesters refused, and a few minutes later the police arrived with a paddy wagon.
    • We were following traffic rules when a big police paddy wagon pulled up with its light on.
    • More than 40 police with paddy wagons confronted a delegation of workers and union officials when they arrived for negotiations at the plant on October 11.
    • All this time, the person is locked in the paddy wagon with the police standing around outside, talking to the medical staff.
    • Emerging with her fellow marchers from the basement of the church, she crossed Sixth Avenue North before police stopped her and directed her to a paddy wagon.
    • I featured prominently in the Sunday evening news bulletins of all three commercial television networks, as an unwitting prop, being detained and thrown in the back of a paddy wagon for my alleged crimes.
    • After paramedics patch you up, you're found guilty of armed robbery and shipped off to prison in a paddy wagon.
    • They'd already heard about the police paddy wagon pulling up at the gate.