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Pronunciación /ˈpeɪdˌəp///


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    (capital) desembolsado
    (shares) liberado
    • The paid-up capital provisions, if I can just give you the references.
    • In 1916, paid-up capital was increased to $2,000,000 by virtue of a stock dividend.
    • It is said that the claimant company accounts show that it is a small entity with a very small paid-up share capital of £2.
    • The offer includes 2.99 lakh equity shares for employees and the net issue of 57 lakh shares to public would constitute 31.68 per cent of fully diluted post issue paid-up capital of the company, it said.
    • He was charged last summer with manipulating share prices and falsifying paid-up capital.
    • Meanwhile, the company plans to introduce Employee Stock Option Plan for which it would earmark up to five per cent of the paid-up share capital.
    • What should count as the capital of a bank other than paid-up share capital?
    • By comparison, the government previously required new life insurance companies to have a paid-up capital of only Rp 2 billion, and Rp 3 billion for new general insurance companies.
    • Since the bank receives no annual contributions from its members, its financial activity is based on its paid-up capital and reserves, as well as the resources it raises on the financial markets.
    • First, the companies have been at loss for the past three consecutive years, or post a cumulative loss amounting to 50 percent of paid-up capital.
    • Yet paid-up capital should be written down in the same manner as capital financed by debt, since it was also subject to losses if it had been put in place when interest rates were higher.
    • The government instead is reducing the corporate tax only for small and midsize industries with paid-up capital of 2.5 million ringgit and less.
    • During the same period, although almost half went out of business, those that did survive reported a six-fold increase in paid-up capital while deposits and loans grew by eight-fold.
    • It is now possible to limit the paid-up capital of a no-par-value share issued for property on a rollover.
    • Those companies had a paid-up capital of $1,000.
    • Such a firm may be smaller, have less paid-up capital, less assets to support its activities.
    • Fewster says that Jacka contributed £700 of the paid-up capital.
    • The venture, to be based in Shanghai, will have a capital of 200 million yuan - the highest paid-up capital of any mainland fund management company.
    • The steel company, with paid-up capital of 300 million yuan, is a small privately-owned firm set up eight years ago.
    • Will they also have their paid-up and previously legal entitlements usurped?