Traducción de painfully en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈpeɪnfəli//ˈpeɪnfəli/


  • 1

    she dragged herself painfully along se iba arrastrando con mucho dolor
    • he's painfully slow es tan lento que te exaspera
    • she's painfully shy es tan tímida que da pena
    • I'm painfully aware of it tengo plena conciencia de ello
    • The introduction of speed cameras has been promised, but is taking a painfully long time to implement.
    • Trusted companions were perceived as enemies and she refused to eat, becoming painfully thin.
    • As the bus makes its way out of the centre, it is painfully slow due to the volume of traffic and it is no way to travel if you are in a hurry.
    • His painfully slow recuperation gives him a greater affinity with his surroundings.
    • I like about half of every season lately and I've come to think the first couple are painfully slow.
    • New copyright legislation is in the offing but it's a painfully slow process.
    • She was an elegant, very composed lady, said to be painfully shy, but not the time I met her.
    • She was painfully thin, you could see every rib and back bone on her.
    • While John took to it with ease, I was painfully aware of my lack of sophistication.
    • Then there are those of us who are painfully aware of our shortcomings as human beings.
    • The first of these is the painfully inordinate length of the electoral process.
    • We are also acutely aware that completion of these and other outstanding items is painfully slow.
    • It'd make a change from the painfully bad music he's made in the past.
    • It's an elegant film but one that fails to engage, mainly because of the painfully slow pace.
    • He stood at over six feet tall but had a far more powerful aura about him than Lars, who was painfully aware of this.
    • Compared to making music, however, Cave finds cinema a painfully slow business.
    • We used to think she had everything; now we're painfully aware of what she's lost.
    • It was a classic moment of inclusion which I felt acutely and painfully outside of.
    • El Guerrouj is painfully aware that he has won everything apart from the Olympic title.
    • Friends allege he is painfully shy and a borderline social inadequate.