Traducción de pairing en Español:


apareamiento, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɛərɪŋ//ˈpɛrɪŋ/


  • 1

    apareamiento masculino
    • Other pairings of seemingly identical prints prove more revealing of Morris's working process.
    • When new winter beers come in, pair them with menu items and promote pairings to your clientele.
    • There are loads more possible pairings and scenarios, far too many to mention here.
    • The point is well taken, but often the pairings seem linked by no more than chance similarities of design.
    • In other words, generational differences may have still occurred in these types of age pairings.
    • I will have to work my pairings in a way that everybody will have a chance to play in the first four rounds.
    • It's a foundation often used for wine pairing that serves other beverage pairings as well.
    • Some of the most popular pairings pitted contrasting advantages and disadvantages against one another.
    • What happens to the relationship between aunt/uncle and nephew/niece pairings?
    • Then, in the same number of matches, the new ball was passed around 10 different pairings.
    • Yet there's some musical pairings that are so bad they're good.
    • Two weeks earlier Claudia had sent out the randomised pairings via e-mail and set the limit to £10 per gift.
    • The waiter paired our entrées with special-entrée wine pairings.
    • This book follows these traditional pairings, devoting separate chapters to each pair.
    • As to the rest I am prepared to let you chose the order and the pairings amongst yourselves.
    • More inspired and unpredictable pairings came in a carpaccio of venison.
    • The coverage used alternating pairings of commentators from around the world.
    • These pairings are not contradictory but complementary; they are aspects of the same overarching reality.
    • The former two pairings provide one semi-final while the latter pairings provide the other semi-final.
    • Embarked upon to encourage discourse between past and present, the idea throws up some interesting pairings.
  • 2

    (of people)
    emparejamiento masculino
  • 3

    (group of two)
    pareja femenino
    dúo masculino