Traducción de palatable en Español:


agradable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpælədəb(ə)l//ˈpalətəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    a very palatable wine un vino de muy buen paladar
    • he tried to make the figures more palatable trató de que las cifras resultaran más aceptables
    • they present history to children in a palatable form les presentan la historia a los niños de una manera agradable
    • You can relish the palatable dishes while enjoying the panoramic view by the beach side.
    • All the drinks below are very palatable, however, and have the ability to be cellared and drunk as required.
    • The distillery's regular version delivers palatable flavours of red fruits, spice and vanilla.
    • With the surprisingly palatable local wine, a three-course meal worked out at less than £8 a head.
    • Apparently now they are more palatable but lacking in food value.
    • There was a wide range of palatable food and several party pieces were forthcoming afterwards.
    • Every Sunday, a palatable Champagne brunch is offered at the hotel's Garden Cafe.
    • However, the mice did not eat the palatable food long enough or in sufficient quantity to maintain weight.
    • He put the cup to his lips and swallowed a mouthful of surprisingly palatable coffee.
    • My cancer-busting tea is tasting slightly more palatable and I also tried a session of acupuncture.
    • If food is reasonably palatable, we tend to eat what is put in front of us.
    • Only so much conference and hotel food is palatable and I was glad to be able to leave to set off home.
    • Try telling any man that his meat's not palatable and see what happens!
    • We're talking about very palatable foods, high in fat and high in sugar.
    • They offer palatable meat, but have not been sought after in the same way as true lobsters or prawns.
    • Any £6 wine from Italy that uses grapes from Old Vines should deliver a very interesting and palatable wine.
    • So, the key to making palatable frozen food was to freeze it quickly.
    • This is a very palatable wine that aims for broad appeal at a knockdown price.
    • I actually had a menu from which to make my meal selection and the food was incredibly palatable.
    • Most food is equally palatable hot or cold, apart from very high-fat foods, which stick around the mouth unpleasantly when cold.