Traducción de palette knife en Español:

palette knife

espátula, n.


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    espátula femenino
    • The larger one held tubes of dried-up oil paints, a palette knife, some stiff brushes.
    • With a palette knife or spoon, he applied thick coats of warm enduit, a sturdy plaster mixed with glue used for wall repairs that dries to a high-gloss finish.
    • Turn them over with a palette knife and colour the other side.
    • In some cases, the artist may scratch or splatter paint, add crayon or brush strokes or apply additional paint with a palette knife.
    • The beauty of oil paint is that you can wipe it off, scrape it off with a palette knife or paint over it.
    • Other bits of canvas build up the surface, creating a substructure for the artist's play with her palette knife and sculptor's tools, which mold color into an insistent material presence.
    • Courbet's broadly handled paint surfaces, often applied with a palette knife, emphasised the uniqueness of his pictorial vision.
    • A layer of flake white applied with a palette knife creates shapes with raised edges, giving the paintings a collaged appearance.
    • Favoring the palette knife over the brush, the artist applies and scrapes away paint on his modestly sized canvases with an intensity that borders on the obsessive.
    • The salient features defining his creative contours are the cascading planes of colours and the broad brick strokes applied with a palette knife.
    • In keeping with her family's long tradition of Dutch Impressionists, she manipulates thick layers of paint with a palette knife to form rich color and texture on the canvas.
    • He set to work at once without waiting for the brushes, palette knife and paints he had sent for from home.
    • Often applying oil paint with a palette knife, Scott fills his canvases with irregular squares and rectangles in a rainbow of contrasting hues.
    • She paints these scenes exclusively with a palette knife.
    • If you want, you can use a palette knife, sponge or brush strokes to add texture to your background.
    • In one work, thick dabs of red, yellow, blue, white and yellow-green oil paint applied with a palette knife cover the 10-foot-wide canvas.
  • 2(US also) pallet knife

    espátula femenino
    paleta femenino
    • When frozen, melt the top of the parfait using a hot palette knife, then fold over the excess rice paper so that the parfait is now fully enclosed.
    • Remove the chicken from the grill and pour over the pan juices, OR: turn the chicken over with a palette knife so that the cheese is on the bottom.
    • Lift them from the pan with a fish slice or palette knife and place them on a shallow dish.
    • Use a long palette knife to slide the cheesecake onto a flat plate.
    • Using a palette knife or fish slice, carefully transfer each pizza to a serving plate and garnish with basil sprigs.
    • Fill the ramekins, smoothing the tops with a palette knife.
    • Using a small palette knife, thickly smear the insides of all the cheeses with the paste, then skewer two blocks lengthways with a soaked skewer to secure them tightly while cooking.
    • Squash the mixture down with a palette knife and cook till the bottom has browned and crisped in the butter.