Traducción de pally en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈpæli//ˈpali/

adjetivopalliest, pallier


  • 1

    to be pally with sb tener amistad con algn
    • you're pally with Sue, aren't you? eres muy amiga de Sue ¿no?
    • he's very pally with the boss está íntimo con el jefe
    • Vikram was quite pally with whoever got to meet him.
    • There's a lot of managers who are pally with the players, but he's not like that.
    • Whatever are the reasons, the police being pally with the public surely makes for a strange spectacle!
    • He puts a pally arm around you and gives you the thumbs up when the band starts playing, saying: ‘How good is this?
    • It takes a while for players to get to know each other and get pally.
    • Into the fray steps a candidate once very pally with the incumbent Liberal Party but then opting to run on an independent ticket due to strong differences of opinion.
    • She actually seems believable when she is being very sisterly with a young coffee vendor, or when she is being pally with the lady constable.
    • Nearly two in five of women in a long-term relationship were happy to dance with a stranger while nearly a third said their friends were more than happy to get pally with groups of lads.
    • The two are as pally in real life as they are in the movie.
    • Fred, 81, said: ‘We met in Egypt and got a bit pally, we went around a bit together.’
    • He is not pally, he is too great to be brought down to our level.
    • Politicians who want to be both vile and pally earn my contempt.
    • They preferred the pally familiarity of Kelly, with her thick fringe, boxy business suits, glasses and the voice that could saw wood.