Traducción de palpable en Español:


palmario, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpælpəb(ə)l//ˈpalpəb(ə)l/


  • 1formal

    (pride/anxiety) palmario
    (anxiety/pride) palpable
    • However, the idea that there could be a casino in every high street is palpable nonsense.
    • The colour, excitement and passion was palpable even on the television screen.
    • It was unbelievable and the sense of shock and sadness was palpable all around the region.
    • In the legion of plot twists that assault the viewer in the final part of the film, one can almost sense the palpable desire to leave the audience stunned and amazed.
    • Morgan's version of Charlie's vulnerability is palpable and touching.
    • And I sense a palpable fear among those living in the park.
    • The flawless engineering creates a palpable feeling of performance space.
    • It's impressive how the continual repetition of palpable nonsense can create widespread illusions.
    • The prosecution claimed that the defendant had perjured himself and lied to the court, but the defence described that accusation as palpable nonsense.
    • When something is described as ‘frivolous and light, like a fine champagne’, the sense of a party atmosphere is almost palpable.
    • When flow returns, the sense of relief is palpable.
    • I suppose that I might have been tempted otherwise if the argument had been such palpable nonsense that it was instantly obvious that it could not possibly be right.
    • With a smile rarely far from his lips, his sense of fun is palpable.
    • So now all those earlier findings are shown to be palpable nonsense - and by a factor of three or four.
    • The excitement was almost palpable in each of the locations as children enthusiastically waved flags and banners to welcome the President.
    • Two postal workers here had just died, apparently from inhaling anthrax spores, and my US friends told me that the fear was palpable throughout the city.
    • This of course is palpable nonsense, and raises fundamental problems about the whole enterprise.
    • She'd sensed a palpable fear among members of the Task Force.
    • Their confidence and self-assurance is indeed palpable, as is their ability to express themselves uninhibitedly.
    • The sense of public outrage is palpable, as is the desire for justice.
    • The writer's sense of uneasiness and disappointment is palpable throughout the book at she surveys the scene.
    • The crowd is heaving, shouting and - given the heat - stinking, but the excitement and anticipation are palpable.
    • The opposition's disappointment was palpable; likewise mine, as I'd hoped for an interview.
    • There is a feeling outside, a palpable fear that you can almost taste.
    • The palpable anger and sadness at a village fair, usually an occasion for gaiety, was a poignant commentary on the hypocritical times we live in.
    • His excitement is palpable and his enthusiasm for playing to a non-American crowd is obvious.
  • 2

    (tumor) palpable
    • Based on her history and physical examination with a palpable mass, a computerized tomography was performed.
    • The inguinal orchiopexy is a well-established operation for the palpable undescended testicle.
    • On physical examination a palpable, nontender abdominal mass was identified in the patient's right upper quadrant.
    • His neck was swollen, with no palpable subcutaneous emphysema.
    • The abscesses may be visible and palpable if they are superficially located.
    • Identify the mental foramen, which is palpable subcutaneously halfway between the upper and lower border of the mandible.
    • Lymph nodes were not palpable, the chest was clear to auscultation, and the abdomen was found to be normal.
    • She had bilateral palpable cervical lymph nodes.
    • The mammographic size of a palpable metastatic lesion corresponds closely with the size on physical examination.
    • Contraindications to sentinel node biopsy include suspicious palpable axillary adenopathy, pregnancy, and multicentric carcinoma.
    • Four of his cases were palpable lesions and were entirely made up of gynecomastia-like changes.
    • On physical examination, the thickened bowel loops are often visible and palpable through the abdominal wall.
    • Malignant masses of the stomach or splenic flexure of the colon are sometimes palpable in the splenic area.
    • The artery should be easily palpable or visible with transillumination.
    • Physical examination revealed no palpable nodules, and FNA of the left lobe was performed.
    • The lesions were palpable, did not blanch on pressure, and had no overlying warmth or tenderness.
    • The nodules were palpable and no ultrasound was employed in the biopsy procedures.
    • Physical examination may reveal effusion and palpable osteophytes.
    • A 16 year old young woman presented with iron deficiency anaemia and a palpable mass the size of an orange in the left upper quadrant of her abdomen.
    • A mass may be palpable in patients with localised perforation, and computed tomography is the most useful investigation.