Traducción de palpate en Español:


palpar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈpælˌpeɪt//palˈpeɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • Thyroid masses and lymphadenopathy that cause obstructive dysphagia can be palpated on examination of the neck.
    • On digital rectal examination, a submucosal tumor was palpated at the anorectal junction.
    • No mass was palpated on physical examination, and her mammography was negative.
    • However, follow-up measurements of blood pressure and heart rate were obtained by using a manual cuff with auscultation and palpating the radial artery to ensure the patient's safety.
    • During physical examinations, the extremity should be palpated carefully for masses.
    • On physical examination, fundal height was 38 cm and a large fetal head was palpated.
    • The physician should palpate bony prominences and tendinous insertions near the heel and midfoot, noting any tenderness or palpable defects.
    • No other lesions were palpated, and the remaining physical examination findings were unremarkable.
    • The surgeon examined the wound carefully, palpating the thigh well beyond the extent of the lesion, paying what I thought was unnecessary attention to the rest of the limb.
    • The ureteral catheters enable the surgeon and assistant to see and palpate the ureters during the procedure.
    • The patella and its supporting structures, bilateral joint lines and collateral ligaments are palpated for tenderness, crepitus and localized swelling.
    • Ideally, sites should be palpated rather than just visually examined.
    • The examiner then palpated the thyroid area with his right forefinger.
    • The physician palpates the joint line on the dorsum of the foot and passively flexes and extends the toe to locate the joint line.
    • The auricular lymph nodes are palpated by the bilateral placement of both hands on the skin surface with the fingertips arranged to cover a large surface area.
    • During the examination, the clinician should palpate the skin for temperature changes.
    • If the bald spot is predominantly unilateral, the physician should palpate the occiput for significant flattening.
    • An abdominal mass has occasionally been palpated, and rectal examination has frequently revealed a mass in the region of the bladder.
    • She experienced pain from the medial aspect of her right hand to her right axilla when that area was palpated by the examiner.
    • Because the patient was obese, the uterus and ovaries could not be palpated clearly at pelvic examination.