Traducción de pampas en Español:


pampa, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpampəz//ˈpæmpəs//ˈpæmpəz//ˈpampəs/


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    pampa femenino
    the pampas las pampas
    • the Pampas la Pampa
    • Some might argue that, if I were a bird, I would not be able to enjoy my fantastic annual journeys, following the sun from perpetual daylight on the Arctic tundra to the pampas in Argentina and back again.
    • Southward, in the centre of the country, lie the pampas - a vast region of high plains which supports some of the best agricultural and livestock farming in the world.
    • A spending rebound is visible from middle-class neighborhoods of Buenos Aires to tourist spots and the agricultural provinces of the pampas.
    • Roads penetrate deeper and deeper into what were once pampas, dense forests and marshland.
    • Its world wonders range from Andean peaks to Amazonian wilderness; from the endless horizons of the pampas to the awesome glaciers of Patagonia.
    • Cattle would graze Appalachian pastures intensively and be rotated from paddock to paddock, just as grass-fed Argentine cattle graze on the South American pampas.
    • The other side of the mountains, to the south and east, the pampas stretches all the way to the ocean.
    • The pampas are vast flatlands of cattle and horse farms.
    • But then, all the fish of these pampas and jungle rivers demonstrate a desperately tenacious grip on life that attests to millions of years of evolution in a savagely unforgiving arena.
    • Upland Sandpipers are long-distance migrants, spending the winter in the pampas of southern South America.