Traducción de panchromatic en Español:


pancromático, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌpankrəˈmatɪk//ˌpænkroʊˈmædɪk/


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    • I was also using panchromatic film, making ‘in-camera ‘separations, holding RGB filters in front of the camera lens for three exposures onto 3 separate pieces of black and white film.’
    • He refused to allow his actors to use makeup, an unheard-of conceit at that time but one made possible by the recent introduction of panchromatic film.
    • The actors did not wear make-up, and panchromatic film was used to make the faces appear as if in relief.
    • Since most panchromatic films are considerably more sensitive to blue light than to red, blue objects will almost always appear lighter and brighter than red objects in a black and white photograph taken in white light.
    • This is the same as if I'd shot the scene on panchromatic B & W film with a red filter.
    • I use traditional panchromatic films for the interpositive and an orthochromatic film for the final enlarged negative.
    • The primary requisite for inspecting panchromatic film is a dark green safelight filter.
    • Yet her cultural frame of reference is also much broader, as the art satisfies the senses of a panchromatic, culturally diverse audience.