Traducción de pandemic en Español:


pandémico, adj.

Pronunciación /pænˈdɛmɪk//panˈdɛmɪk/


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    • The effectiveness of antivirals in the treatment of pandemic influenza is unclear.
    • But pandemic influenza, appearing every few decades, has much more devastating consequences.
    • Film has become a pandemic obsession throughout our culture and even throughout the world.
    • Sars has revealed much about the way a pandemic illness can affect modern society - with massive consequences.
    • The arrival of a pandemic influenza would trigger a reaction that would change the world overnight.
    • History has shown that pandemic strains of influenza viruses emerge as reassortants of human and avian viruses.
    • The idea that this flu could reach pandemic proportions is a chilling thought.
    • The factors involved in the genesis of each pandemic virus are probably different.
    • Even if nations vaccinate their entire populations, they will not remain immune to the pandemic shock.
    • This argues for the need to look at other ways to respond to a new flu strain which has pandemic potential.
    • Companies should prepare for a pandemic flu the way they would for a blizzard.
    • Mr Abbott today announced that the government would speed up funding for research into pandemic influenza.
    • The Department of Health will also announce its revised pandemic flu contingency plan this week.
    • Most topical is the risk of pandemic influenza, which seems to be the highest in three decades.
    • It is a remarkable achievement which increases Britain's ability to cope with pandemic flu, should it happen.
    • It is not our principles that have spawned pandemic hatred of America in the Islamic world.
    • So why have British health authorities decided to launch a pandemic flu panic in Britain?
    • Imagine if you will you were a government which was aware of a global pandemic flu in the offing.
    • It depends on what percentage of the population gets a pandemic flu strain.
    • They appear to have reached pandemic status within urban areas and a cull is long overdue.