Traducción de pander en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈpændər//ˈpandə/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to pander to sb's whims consentirle los caprichos a algn
    • don't pander to him like that! ¡no lo consientas así!
    • she is accused of pandering to these pressure groups la acusan de hacerles el juego a estos grupos de presión
    • the paper panders to popular prejudice el periódico halaga y reafirma los prejuicios de la gente
    • ‘It is not the quality of the product that is at issue, it is the changing of a tradition to pander to different tastes,’ he said.
    • It therefore made good economic sense to pander to popular taste and reaffirm the unique selling points of mainstream Indian cinema.
    • This strategy, admirable in its refusal to pander to European popular tastes, will of course never, ever, give Turkey a winning song.
    • You can see the difficulty she's had now, where her opponent is framing her as pandering to minority interests.
    • Hollywood is warned that the judge will no longer tolerate pandering to the masses.
    • Though most Italian films still pandered to the public, there was hope new auteurs would emerge and find support for their efforts.
    • Perhaps this is an example of where pandering to the masses is not always as attractive as it intuitively seems.
    • So are cable news executives just pandering to the popular taste in order to get a bigger rating?
    • The Government should not be pandering to public taste in the arts, but rather driving it.
    • She tries to hold on to as much genuine stuff as she can while pandering to fancier tastes.
    • Excessive gift-giving is now so entrenched in Hollywood culture that a company has been set up just to pander to the tastes of the A-listers.
    • It gets worse when you find out that the groups you've been pandering to can't stand one another.
    • They have been replaced by a blackcurrant variety to pander to tastes beyond the county.
    • This low price should ensure a high take-up, pandering to people's desire to look good and not worry about a comfortable ride.
    • In the quest to satisfy the paying customers, sport has pandered to their wildest fantasies.
    • But of course he was writing to satisfy his literary muse, not to pander to the base tastes of his public.
    • And the politicians are going to try to raise money by pandering to these same players.
    • This is clearly a personal project for all concerned and one which isn't interested in pandering to the masses.
    • It is music of absolute integrity, always sensitive to the tiniest musical gesture, and never showy or pandering to fashion.
    • Yet there are pundits who have dismissed his refusal to pander as pandering.