Traducción de panic en Español:


pánico, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpænɪk//ˈpanɪk/


  • 1

    (fear, anxiety)
    pánico masculino
    there was widespread panic on world financial markets cundió el pánico en los mercados financieros del mundo
    • people fled in panic la gente huyó, despavorida / presa del pánico
    • keep calm, don't get into a panic calma, no te dejes llevar por el pánico
    • when the lights went out, the whole crowd was thrown into a panic cuando se apagaron las luces, cundió el pánico entre la gente
    • the announcement spread panic among the shoppers el anuncio sembró el pánico entre la gente que se encontraba en la tienda
    • before noun the strike led to panic food-buying la gente se asustó con la huelga y se lanzó a comprar alimentos
    • panic measure medida de emergencia en situaciones de pánico
    • that was a typical panic reaction esa fue una reacción típica de un momento de pánico
    • it was panic stations reinaba el pánico
    • Their cameras witnessed death, dense panic and ashen fear.
    • So now here I am, full of fear and panic and anxiety once again.
    • Health professionals and ministers are concerned about spreading panic and fear too many warnings might make the population complacent.
    • Now here I was, seized by a sudden fit of panic at the last minute, fearing that my head might never be the same again.
    • But it is far more likely that you would be affected by fear and panic than a terrorist weapon.
    • Chabon's local neighborhood becomes a site of panic, and people fear that which is not immediately recognizable.
    • Mere emotions, fear distress or panic, will not suffice.
    • I keep getting waves of panic and anxiety today, I just can't seem to get it together.
    • Anxiety symptoms were also high, with 64% reporting symptoms of fear, panic or anxiety.
    • In my panic and fear, I could not remember where the dock was.
    • The first chapter defines anxiety and the related constructs of worry, fear, and panic, and then goes on to discuss social anxiety in detail.
    • Tommy moved up to the item she'd thrown up on stage, and sudden panic hit his face.
    • He struggled wildly, his eyes dark with panic and fear.
    • In fact, the true power of such a device lies not in its ability to spread radiation but in its ability to spread panic and fear.
    • The resulting fear, panic and sheer terror of that evening, Tim postulated, was so great that a special bond remains.
    • I felt the salt water in my throat, the fear, panic, and dread.
    • Indeed, closely aligned and overlapping neurochemical circuits may underlie separation anxiety and panic.
    • Deaths and injuries sustained by ordinary people increase panic, fear, and pessimistic sentiments tenfold.
    • If we expressed symptoms of panic and fear the diagnosis was clear.
    • For other survivors, grief is mixed with panic and fear.
  • 2EEUUcoloquial

    (funny person, thing)
    he/the show is a panic él/el espectáculo es un plato América Latina coloquial

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    dejarse llevar por el pánico
    he panicked and jumped out of the window presa del pánico, se tiró por la ventana
    • he panicked and pressed the alarm bell le entró el pánico y apretó la alarma
    • don't panic! ¡tranquilo!
    • calm down, there's no need to panic calma, no hay por qué alarmarse

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    infundirle pánico a
    to panic sb into sth
    • we were panicked into a hasty decision lo que nos dijeron (/ lo que leímos etc. ) nos infundió pánico y tomamos una decisión precipitada