Traducción de pantomime en Español:


pantomima, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpæn(t)əˌmaɪm//ˈpantəmʌɪm/


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    pantomima femenino
    • In a totally unstructured environment, they present this creative explosion through modern dance, mime, pantomime and music with a whole lot of playfulness.
    • There are no words in the film - everything is performed in a solemn pantomime, with the dry humor left up to our own imaginations.
    • The vast majority of this movie is told in near pantomime: gestures, facial expressions, and stage direction.
    • Her major example is ‘Circe,’ where gesture and pantomime are all-important.
    • In portraying vivid dramatic characters, realistic pantomime plays as important a role as the dance.
    • With his silent pantomime and human special effect stature, the performance borders on the right side of genius.
    • These kinds of inferential processes go on constantly in interaction, as we all know, on the basis of indexical signals that work like gestures in pantomime.
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    (in UK)
    comedia musical navideña, basada en cuentos de hadas
    the whole thing is a pantomime es todo una farsa
    • Rocky needed a bath and that is a real pantomime as he HATES being washed.
    • The room is now illuminated only by the television that paints its own confused pantomime on the walls.
    • The pantomime descended into tragedy last week and this evening became a farce.
    • Feeding time, for them all, is a real pantomime!

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    • Un tipo de representación teatral, dirigida a los niños y comúnmente conocida también como panto, que tradicionalmente presentan los teatros británicos durante la época navideña. El argumento suele ser una adaptación cómica de un cuento tradicional y cuenta con un número de personajes de características exageradas e increíbles. También requiere de un gran nivel de participación por parte del público.