Traducción de pantry en Español:


despensa, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpæntri//ˈpantri/

nombrePlural pantries

  • 1

    (for storing food)
    despensa femenino
    • A door off the kitchen leads into a pantry and on into a garage/utility room plumbed for a washing machine.
    • The daylit pantry contains a variety of upper and lower cabinets for food storage.
    • Beyond the kitchen is a spacious storeroom with fitted presses which could serve as a pantry or laundry room.
    • He was trying to find room for the wine bottle in the crowded pantry when the doorbell rang.
    • We raided my pantry and my refrigerator for food, but what we found were the ingredients for pancakes.
    • To the left of the kitchen is a pantry and utility room, from which there is access to a large storeroom.
    • They keep dried foods in pantries and keep milk, etc. in refrigerators.
    • The house had six bedrooms, a big living room and a cramped kitchen with a pantry out the back.
    • He went into the kitchen, and went through her cupboards and pantries, looking for some pancake mix, and eggs and toast and all the other breakfast delicacies.
    • Anyone who's been in the market for organic food knows that keeping the pantry stocked can be a pretty pricey affair.
    • It consisted of three stories and a large basement which contained servants quarters, pantries, laundry, cellars etc.
    • Meanwhile, a pantry, cloakroom, playroom, office and drying room are all found on the lower ground floor.
    • She walked through the ignoble arch that separated kitchen from living room and took some bread from the pantry.
    • In addition, there is a wine cellar, shelved pantry and guest shower room.
  • 2butler's pantry

    antecocina femenino
    office masculino