Traducción de Pap test en Español:

Pap test

citología, n.

(Pap smear)

Pronunciación /ˈpap ˌtɛst//ˈpæp ˌtɛst/



  • 1

    citología femenino
    frotis masculino
    Papanicolau masculino América Latina
    • Post-hysterectomy Pap tests may detect vaginal cancer, but the yield and predictive value are low, and the test was never designed for this purpose.
    • Combined Pap test and HPV testing detected all cases of high-grade CIN, but our results did not reach statistical significance.
    • The Pap test, effective in detecting cervical cancer in its early stages, rarely detects ovarian cancer and usually only in its late stages.
    • Women 65 to 70 years of age who have had at least three normal Pap test and no abnormal Pap tests in the last 10 years may decide, upon consultation with their healthcare provider, to stop cervical cancer screening.
    • Although pelvic examinations can screen for reproductive problems or abnormalities, only a Pap test will detect early cervical cancer or precancers.