Traducción de papacy en Español:


papado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpeɪpəsi//ˈpeɪpəsi/

nombrePlural papacies

  • 1

    papado masculino
    pontificado masculino
    • But the kings also increasingly invoked the authority of the papacy as a source of legitimacy rather then popular acclamation.
    • Yet even as the papacy extended its universal authority, it might also contribute to the creation of national, secular identities.
    • In 1309, a French pope moved the papacy (office of the pope) from Rome to Avignon in what is now France.
    • Italian painter of the Umbrian School whose most important work in Rome and Siena celebrated the renewed authority of the papacy.
    • Those who think little of the papacy or the Catholic Church can blame Pope Innocent III.