Traducción de paper en español:


papel, n.

Pronunciación: /ˈpeɪpər//ˈpeɪpə/


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    • 1.1(material)

      papel masculino
      (towel/handkerchief) (before noun) de papel
      don't throw paper on the floor no tiren papeles al suelo
      • it's made of paper es de papel
      • a sheet of paper una hoja de papel
      • a piece of paper un papel
      • I spent four years at college to get this piece of paper me pasé cuatro años en la universidad para conseguir este papelito
      • it's not worth the paper it's printed / written on
      • this agreement/contract is not worth the paper it's printed on este acuerdo/contrato es papel mojado / no tiene el menor valor
      • on paper en teoría
      • the scheme looks excellent on paper en teoría / sobre el papel el plan es excelente
      • on paper he's very well qualified but ... diplomas (/ certificados etc. ) tiene muchos pero ...
      • to get / put sth down on paper poner algo por escrito
      • paper currency papel moneda
      • paper cutter guillotina
      • paper industry industria papelera
      • paper loss pérdida no realizada
      • paper profit beneficio no realizado
      • paper qualifications títulos
      • At a push, the bag itself could be constructed from a sheet of paper or small carrier bag tied up with an elastic band or bit of string.
      • The most readily available method for pressing paper sheets is in or under a large book.
      • I'd get lots of sheets of A4 paper, fold them over, staple them and make an instant book, write my story and draw covers.
      • She scribbles frantically on sheets of paper, then hunts through desk drawers for more writing material.
      • He continued to stare blankly at the sheet of paper until Loflen brought him out of his daze.
      • Then he pulled out a clean sheet of his stationary paper and took a quill.
      • Then I wrote down the necessary directions to my place on a sheet of paper from that notepad.
      • She slid her nail along the top to open it and pulled out a single sheet of paper with a drawing and a sentence hastily scribbled along the bottom.
      • Slowly and carefully, I broke the seal on the envelope and pulled out a sheet of thin paper.
      • He pulled up the sheets of thin paper in front of his head as he squinted to read the small print.
      • Traditionally, a sheet of paper was used to cast or register a vote.
      • I angrily tore off the sheet of paper from my plain notebook, and reached for a tissue, blowing my nose.
      • He took out the bacon from the skillet and placed it on three sheets of absorbent paper towel.
      • The printed paper sheets were pasted onto canvas mounts for display.
      • Any letter that included more than one sheet of thin paper was likely to go missing.
      • The first thing to buy is a large sheet of white thick paper or thin card, which you gently bend into a right angled curve.
      • Inside was a sheet of onionskin typing paper, the kind that's slippery but crinkles.
      • Taking out a sheet of paper with lots of writing on it, Daria nodded, took a deep breath, and began her story.
      • I noticed a sheet of thin, unlined paper beside the case that held the incredibly deadly drug.
      • The supervisor nods and continues to make annotations on a sheet of paper.

    • 1.2British (wrapper)

      envoltorio masculino
      papel masculino

    • 1.3render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)

      papel (pintado) masculino

    • 1.4render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)

      papel de fumar masculino
      sábana femenino México

  • 2

    diario masculino
    periódico masculino
    I read/saw it in the paper lo leí/lo vi en el diario / periódico
    • what did the papers say about it? ¿qué salió en los diarios / periódicos al respecto?
    • before noun paper boy diar(i)ero
    • paper girl repartidora de periódicos / diarios
    • Nearly all the papers have eye-witness reports which stated that he was ‘hotly pursued’ by plain clothes police officers.
    • In this case, the story attracted enough national media attention that local people had access to alternative perspectives by examining the national papers.
    • Hardly a week goes by without the papers reporting that a new witch has been found.
    • All the day's newspapers, weekly periodicals and local papers are available at the library and any member of the public can call in to read them.
    • The papers also reported his claim to have had a bogus cocaine habit put around by a government press secretary.
    • Newspapers say they distribute papers where they sell.
    • Some supermarket tabloids outsell the local papers.
    • Strikes by journalists on local papers in the north of England have spread from one title to another.
    • ‘Our intention to build a skatepark has been reported in the papers since January,’ he said.
    • But will the foreign papers be objective in reporting about India?
    • The editors of the three Scottish papers will report to McGurk day to day.
    • While all the national papers report that Gore will be conceding any day now, the online debate rages on.
    • The last turn of the century marked the peak of the newspaper boom, 2,600 papers across the country.
    • New York had nine daily newspapers then, plus papers in Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey, and three wire services.
    • Besides the general-circulation papers, newspapers continued to flourish as agents of various special communities.
    • Before Christmas, the papers reported that children wouldn't be able to see the Harry Potter movie in its first week because so many office parties had made block bookings.
    • Many will have their own local memories of Bill and some will no doubt centre on getting the daily newspapers or the Sunday papers after Mass.
    • These findings provide a prescription for future newspaper content if papers are to gain young readers now and keep them in the future.
    • Much more important is what papers say, report and headline in the years between elections.
    • And every Monday morning he would scan the papers for reports on penalty kicks around the country.
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    • 3.1

      (for journal) trabajo masculino
      (for journal) artículo masculino
      (at conference) ponencia femenino
      (at conference) comunicación femenino
      a research paper un trabajo de investigación
      • to give / present a paper presentar una ponencia / una comunicación
      • The papers in these sessions address these questions from three different directions.
      • This paper examines that question by considering the acute phase of care provided by the public sector.
      • This paper examines the transition between the short-term and the long-term responses to water status.
      • Thursday had the best of the paper sessions from my point of view.
      • In this issue, we present the final two papers from that session.
      • Simultaneous translation will be available during conference sessions, so papers may be presented in French or in English.
      • Their role at conferences, for example, can span everything from presenting papers to fielding questions in open conference sessions.
      • She has presented papers and sessions on prevention of music-related injuries and biomechanics of piano technique.
      • This paper examines Bedouin attitudes and practices relating to the evil eye as a cause of misfortune.
      • This is an edited version of a paper examining the difficulties of DNA evidence.
      • We examined references of relevant papers and contacted experts in the subject.
      • The paper attempts to answer some of the key questions necessary for reform.
      • I am giving my paper in the first session on the last day, which is the day after the conference dinner.
      • The event will see a record number of more than 300 workshops, papers and poster sessions, grouped into 12 broad themes.
      • I presented my paper at the first session and, relieved it was over, took the nearest free seat.
      • Five more papers were presented in the morning session and four papers, all illustrated with lantern slides, were given in the afternoon session.
      • The papers in this session have addressed several of the important issues facing the negotiators.
      • Three papers have examined mineral localization in the needles of larch species.
      • The object was to make it easier to assign papers to appropriate sessions.
      • Unfortunately, due to the large number of papers presented at most sessions, hardly any discussion took place.

    • 3.2(student essay)

      trabajo masculino
      • The Department of Education and Science is also preparing to advertise for examiners to correct the papers to ensure the exams go ahead in June as planned.
      • However, the examiners who mark their papers will not be made aware of their circumstances, in order to preserve the integrity of the exams process.
      • The number of answer papers identifying all the scarecrows correctly was higher than usual.
      • The examiners who evaluate the answer papers should be given their remuneration on time.
      • York students have seen weeks of revision go down the drain after a blundering examination board lost their papers.

    • 3.3

      • Politics is more than policy papers and polls and strategy.
      • I think that both the report and the strategy paper are positive documents for Bulgaria.
      • In their policy papers on universities both Mr Dawkins and Dr Nelson treated size as an important issue.
      • Policy papers, however clever, change nothing by themselves.
      • Detailed policy papers, letters and ministerial submissions are taped and listened to late into the evening, absorbed at double the normal speed.
      • Based on that work stage three of the process will see the production of a series of policy papers setting out various options
      • Those reports - those working papers, again, as far as I understand it, were delivered at the command level.
      • Evidence from clients all over the country is accumulated, analysed and used for parliamentary briefing papers and reports.
      • It was understood public services minister Andy Kerr had a deal with the union leadership for support of the policy papers, but that unravelled over the past ten days.
      • Numerous policy papers were adopted, which had some progressive sections in them.

  • 4exam paper

    examen masculino Britanico
    (part) parte femenino
  • 5papers pl

    (masculine plural) documentos
    (masculine plural) papeles
    he had to hand over his identity papers tuvo que entregar sus documentos de identidad / su documentación personal
    • you have to carry your papers at all time hay que llevar siempre los documentos / los papeles encima
    • his car papers weren't in order no tenía los papeles / documentos del coche en regla
    • ship's papers documentación del barco
    • to give sb her/his walking papers echar a algn
    • I still haven't investigated the computer labs and continue to e-mail and write papers from the comfort of my own home.
    • As proof of physical abuse, the Government demands to see police paperwork, court papers or a medical report.
    • Other sources of information can include old documents, important papers or personal correspondence.
    • Well, they're probably excited they don't have to write any papers right now for their professors.
    • While studying at SFU, Terry would write his papers on cancer research.
    • His first book on folklore, Custom and Myth, did not appear until 1884, but contained papers written and printed much earlier.
  • 6

    papel (comercial) masculino
    documento comercial masculino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (room/wall) empapelar
    (room/wall) tapizar México
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    to paper the house regalar entradas