Traducción de paperback en Español:


libro en rústica, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpeɪpərˌbæk//ˈpeɪpəbak/


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    libro en rústica masculino
    libro de pasta blanda masculino México
    (edition) (before noun) en rústica
    (edition) (before noun) de pasta blanda México
    (writer) para el gran público
    available in paperback a la venta en (edición) rústica
    • I bought a few paperbacks to take on vacation me compré unos libros para las vacaciones
    • paperback rights derechos de reedición (en rústica)
    • Here at last is a small paperback textbook to provide an introduction to the field.
    • It is a small paperback book easily available and still in print.
    • The paperback edition is due to hit book stores across North America this month.
    • It is a cheap paperback reprint of the second edition of a dictionary, of English as spoken in Jamaica.
    • This paperback edition can only help to increase Roth's growing fame.
    • The usual gap between hardback and paperback publication of a book is roughly one year.
    • The paperback fourth edition includes more charts and graphs as well as a chapter on trading futures online.
    • There are too many minor mistakes, which need correction before a paperback edition.
    • She dug through her bag, fishing out a paperback book and a magazine.
    • Rhea handed him a thick paperback book with dog-eared corners.
    • This concise guide booklet is only available as a paperback edition, and is sure to add value for anyone visiting the park.
    • His blockbuster titles have been topping both the paperback and hardback nonfiction lists.
    • The preliminary pages of the paperback edition give copious quotes from favourable reviews of the book in the major newspapers.
    • Is it asking too much for the paperback edition to at least acknowledge that there's been some change?
    • Weighing in at 600 pages and combining two volumes in one paperback edition, it also includes around fifty photos and a dozen maps.
    • We can only hope that the publishers will soon issue an inexpensive paperback edition.
    • This article is excerpted from the new preface to the updated paperback edition.
    • He was in the city on Wednesday, to conduct a reading session and to launch the paperback edition of his debut book.
    • Penguin remaindered the hardback when the paperback had scarcely had time to reach the shops.
    • This paperback edition has a new introduction and some new illustrations and the text has been updated to include new materials.