Traducción de para en Español:


párrafo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɛrə//ˈparə/



  • 1

    párrafo masculino
    • But para 3 of the article imposes religious restrictions making the provision applicable only to those who profess Hindu religion.
    • He declared categorically that it would, and while I thought that was a big scoop the news desk didn't, and gave it two paras on an inside page.
    • It is apparent from her subsequent witness statements (para. 6 of her second witness statement and paras. 2 and 3 of her third witness statement) that she had read the reports on Mr B and Ms H which were on the Council's files.
    • Please confirm whether or not your client accepts that the law as stated by Mr Hollingsworth at para. 29 of his statement (commenting on paras. 23 to 27 of Ms Stewart's) is correct.
    • A private individual is not normally liable in negligence for a mere omission in the absence of some special feature, such as a particular relationship with the claimant or an undertaking of responsibility (see paras 2.2.1 to
  • 2Britanico

    (del ejército) paracaidista masculino
    • About 1,000 paras, infantry and support troops from the 16 Air Assault Brigade left RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire early yesterday for the Gulf.
    • We aren't missing NATO, a few battalions of paras and mech infantry would be nice, but they won't change much.
    • Operations staff did not alert the paras to the Red Caps, because staff were not certain the RMP patrol was in town and its vehicles were hidden.
    • One ex-Guards officer noted, ‘The paras are short-term, get-them-in and get-them-out pathfinder troops.’
    • He added that all searches had been suspended and that the paras had gone into the town independently of the military police on a ‘routine joint patrol’ with local militia.