Traducción de paranormal en Español:


paranormal, adj.

Pronunciación /parəˈnɔːm(ə)l//ˌpɛrəˈnɔrm(ə)l/


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    • Their goal is not to authenticate or necessarily even endorse these paranormal accounts.
    • Since Luke's brush with the paranormal several guests claim to have seen the ghostly girl.
    • He also told him that he was not the first person to have had a paranormal event happen to them in this building.
    • Magical and paranormal phenomena as portrayed on the Athenian stage in the fifth century BC.
    • The couple contacted Woolwich psychic and paranormal investigator Gary Stock to find out if the house was haunted.
    • I told him to wake up and write this information down as scientific proof of a paranormal event.
    • Our organization is dedicated to the search for the truth about paranormal phenomena.
    • Superstition, witchcraft and the paranormal have always been deeply rooted in Indonesian culture.
    • I suppose it is also theoretically possible that her experiences are paranormal.
    • But a recognition of the significance of paranormal phenomena requires an acceptance of testimony.
    • They hope a battery of digital cameras and camcorders will capture evidence of the paranormal.
    • All believed and claimed to have experienced varying degrees of paranormal manifestation.
    • You can go the Uri Geller route and claim that it's not conjuring at all, just good old fashioned paranormal power.
    • Some events are perceived as paranormal due to ignorance or magical thinking.
    • And whether or not paranormal powers exist, it's certain that hoaxers like Uri Geller flourish.
    • The investigators will use special sensors and recording equipment to try and trap evidence of paranormal activity.
    • Six pub staff members joined paranormal experts for the seance, held on overnight on Saturday.
    • How can you disprove the existence of the paranormal any more than you can prove it?
    • There is a great deal of information in the ancient Vedic texts on paranormal phenomena.
    • Doctors aren't meant to trust in the paranormal, their work being governed by their physical examinations of patients.


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