Traducción de parapet en Español:


parapeto, n.

Pronunciación /ˈparəpɪt//ˈpɛrəpət/


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    Arquitectura parapeto masculino
    Arquitectura pretil masculino
    Militar parapeto masculino
    • They sat at one of the better tables up beside the parapet overlooking the courtyard.
    • I do think there is a suppressed demand for this; I think all you see is the people that are brave enough to put their head above the parapet and continue to fight for it that actually get it.
    • This is running off the parapet above and is caused from defective rainwater disposal at second storey level to the external balcony.
    • We were putting our head above the parapet and challenging everything.
    • It looks as though the terrorists have put their heads above the parapets - and that plays into Scotland Yard's hands.
    • The barbette mounted the gun on a pivot so that it could fire over a parapet.
    • But a wee warning for those who dare stick their heads above the parapet: look out, you'll need to be very thick-skinned!
    • Mr Baggs expected his decision to stand in the election would provoke controversy, but said he is prepared to put his head above the parapet for what he believes in.
    • Thank goodness someone in the county has the courage to stick their head above the parapet and challenge the validity of this quite outrageous system.
    • It takes a good amount of bottle for a politician to raise his or her head above the parapet and attempt a public debate on issues that touch the very core of New Zealand society.
    • The mountain theme is incorporated throughout the facility - from its curved parapets and sculptured stone fountain to the grassy park with tree-covered walking trails.
    • While takeover speculation has been on and off the agenda for the best part of a decade now, as yet nobody has even popped their head above the parapet.
    • The house I grew up in had a sort of an attached garage with a flat roof and a little parapet.
    • He would not have stuck his head above the parapet without some form of political cover, never mind without a possible financial backer behind the scenes.
    • The Saxons started to put up small conifers on the parapets of their trenches - akin to our Christmas trees.
    • Without wanting this to turn into some sort of awards ceremony, I'm just raising my head above the parapet here to say a big thanks to Tom for the past week's writing.
    • You should be sure to form a parapet around the edges of the flat roof in order to contain your new upside-down roof from wind uplift.
    • My first sight of a trench was of two greasy clay walls with a parapet on the top and duckboards on the bottom with men in it not looking very happy because it had been raining a lot.
    • Was the evidence that the applicant ran across the road diagonally at the bridge parapet and went over?
    • Harry heard the scream of an incoming shell, as he went to dive for cover, the round burst on the parapet, directly above him.
    • For instance, we are instructed to build a parapet / fence around any flat roof, to prevent anyone from falling.
    • Extended parapets give the building muscular, cube-like, proportions.
    • But the prime minister may well be more willing to stick his head above the parapet after E - day, providing Britons have had the chance to see the euro at work.
    • With the enemy dead at his feet, Grieve climbed onto the parapet of the enemy gun position, stood upright and signalled - all clear!
    • The steel-faced external wall extends into the house to mark the entrance, form a parapet and frame the fireplace.
    • And it is true that the young have always been in love with edges, walking the parapet of a bridge when the pavement is right beside it.
    • The attacks started when Surrey County Council's contractors began work on the bridge to replace the parapets.
    • It happened when the lorry hit a bridge parapet on the north bound carriageway, near Charnock Richard services.
    • The house is two storeys high, excluding a deep basement and an attic storey tucked behind the parapet which hides the hipped roof.
    • A passing motorist found the car, which had hit the bridge parapet and rolled into a ditch near the river.
    • The imposing sandstone facade, steep pitched roof, decorated parapets and grand full length bay windows overlook well-kept gardens.
    • Three young men had a lucky escape after their car left the road, ploughed through a bridge parapet and ended up on its roof in a river.
    • Sadiq dropped over the parapet and into the trench beside him.
    • A pair of figures knelt behind the parapet of the balcony overlooking the ballroom.
    • When he looked again the water was as high as the peak of the parapet on the bridge, which is about 10 feet above the road.
    • The new Pavilion boasted great stucco arches and curvilinear parapets on each of its four facades and three-story towers at the corners.
    • The parapet is a steel-plated wedge with no need for handrails, and the boardwalk is gently inclined for wheelchair users.
    • The German soldiers even had a line of little Christmas trees along the parapets of their trenches.
    • If she shoves her head above the parapets to stand in the next general election, just wait for it and watch her get it in the neck.
    • After the World Cup debacle, a few brave men put their heads above the parapet to question whether the coach should be retained.