Traducción de paraphernalia en Español:


parafernalia, n.

Pronunciación /ˌparəfəˈneɪlɪə//ˌpɛrəfərˈneɪljə/


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    parafernalia femenino
    • Various other bits and pieces of paraphernalia or equipment in the process can be a source of infection for Hep-C as well.
    • Drug paraphernalia and empty wine bottles lay strewn among layers of rotting food, dirty cardboard boxes and stinking blankets.
    • Both of my boys have been raised around computer paraphernalia and tools.
    • At one event, a giant Christmas cracker had been lowered to the ground containing all manner of party paraphernalia including party balloons and hats.
    • Through this, my dad slowly but surely built a reputation for quality and timely delivery of printed paraphernalia.
    • Items on auction include left over shop stock, fittings, computer equipment and other environmental paraphernalia.
    • We still have the human resources at all levels and we still have the equipment and paraphernalia for general elections.
    • A party ensued, with marquees blasting out music and a market area selling drugs and festival paraphernalia such as glow sticks.
    • Various other equipment and military paraphernalia have been found in the area over the years.
    • Begrudgingly, the guru agreed and the priest left to collect the necessary paraphernalia.
    • Despite all the tools and paraphernalia, many people feel that the most important ingredient is the Witch.
    • I would contend a crucial first step in the fight against bigotry is to ban the vendors outside the grounds who sell the paraphernalia which causes most offense.
    • Around £2,000 cash was also found along with drug paraphernalia including scales and cutting boards.
    • A UN flag and an Indian flag now form part of his paraphernalia in the travel kit.
    • Only most incidents pass unreported because they occur away from the ground and the accompanying paraphernalia of cameras and notebooks.
    • They, in spite of the most expensive and elaborate defense paraphernalia of the US Government, feel defenseless.
    • Apart from the sponsor company's paraphernalia, there were big displays of chessboards.
    • Of course, no one could prove that, as he had all of the necessary ID, credit cards, and other paraphernalia.
    • Pro shooters walk around with those funny khaki vests with large pockets all over them stuffed with paraphernalia and lenses.
    • But it must go much farther than merely banning the sale of paramilitary paraphernalia near the club grounds.